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Low EQ, weak glans: Venous Mental

Low EQ, weak glans: Venous Mental

Ok so I did PE a couple times a few years ago but I eventually stopped. Now the problem isn’t my size at all (I’m average, I’m now ok with it), but my erection quality at the age of 25 is really bad. Not just during sexual encounters, even for masturbation it is a task even with porn to even get an erection that will work at all. Peeing is also an issue, even at my house I have a weak stream and usually have to rest against the cupboard above the toilet just to pee (God it’s bad if I’ve ever been drinking and trying my damndest to pee and can’t) My self diagnosis were as follows in chronological order

1. Went too long without constant stimulation by a gf: use it or lose it
2. I had kegelled too much and not using the full range of motion (reverse kegels) and somehow limited myself
3. Damaged during sex. It has happened more than once where a girl was riding me too hard and POP! It hurt but I’d continue sex in a different position
4. Lowered testosterone level and / or depression (what came first the chicken or the egg?)
5. Psychological.. Somehow?
6. Veinous leakage

And that’s after first placing the blame on the gf that she wasn’t really sexual enough of a being (in how she acts) or maybe she’s just not hot enough. But then this happened with another really hot girl and another and another I’ve been just messing around with (read: no sex yet)

I haven’t had morning or night wood in quite a while..

If I’m not really doing exercise throughout the day I tend to walk around with a short, hard, flaccid penis. Think of a little smokey. Sorry, bad image!

Often I’l have a cold glans as well.

If I do get a hard on for sex, it usually is subpar and doesn’t last very long. It’s really almost a task to get myself off.

A couple weeks ago I went to the avn expo in vegas and decided to do light PE throughout the week. It seemed to be better for flaccid hang but not much else.The last day there I took some free sample of something or other just to see what it would do for my dick. Ouch. Ouch like I had a 13 y/o boner that wouldn’t go away and I-enjoyed-hitting-things-with-it boner. It stayed that way through a lot of the flight home.. The slightest thing would wake this sleeping monster. I got home and proceeded to rail the hell out of my gf like a tijuana hooker (I know it’s been a long time for her. Well, probably anyway), mushroom stamps, the whole 9 yards. Still hard afterwards, Christ this is great! I have no problem! Next day, back to the way it was before.

Let me make it clear that I don’t mind using medication to get a diagnosis, but I have no interest in relying on some pill to help my man stand at attention. Are there any self-diagnosis tests? I’ve even tried a pump in the past but couldn’t keep a hard on in the pump and when I released I felt like I was waking my boy up from anesthesia. I’m reluctant to try this again, but there may have been things I’ve done wrong. So now that I have loads of conflicting evidence I don’t know just what it sounds like.

If you have urinating problems you really should get to see a doctor or urologist, as that may be the cause of the other problems.

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Yeah I agree with petitfaun, you could have some prostate issues or something. You shouldn’t wait.

I agree with the two esteemed gentlemen. And don’t let the doctor say, you are to young for prostate problems, get it checked out.

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I tried, but of course the doctors always ruled that out before agreeing to any kind of test. I’ll definitely try this again.

Erection problems are almost always due to physical changes that occur in all men as they get older. Changes in the arteries that supply blood to the penis during an erection, or damage to veins or nerves in the penis, are the most common causes. These can result from many conditions, such as arteriosclerosis (“hardening of the arteries”), high blood pressure, diabetes, back injuries, strokes and trauma, to name just a few. There can be psychological causes, too, but these often are due to worry and concern about the physical changes that occur in our bodies as we get older. Other common causes include side effects of medications, lack of exercise, excessive alcohol use, smoking and unhealthy diets.…dysfunction.htm

:-k Any of these apply to you?

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I would go see a doctor if I were you, now!

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Ok I HAVE gotten older.. I’m not working out as much although I just started yoga. Diet could be better, but could also be a hell of a lot worse. No meds, I’m a little too holistic for all that. So do I need to go see a physician first or just go to a urologist? Also, at some point in time over the last few years I developed some tiny red vericose-looking veins (only much smaller) right on top of my dorsal nerve below the glans.

An urologist.

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