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Low Ejaculate Volume correlated with Warm Up


Obviously, I will try to bring an element of rational deduction and empirical study to this. I’m going to begin adding zinc into my diet for a week and see if that helps, when I go into my bathroom I will figure out how much zinc I am reciveing from my megamen and double it with supplements, if that fails to create improvements then I will double the amount of l-arginie and so on and so forth.

Zinc deficiences are very uncommon in western diets. Few men who supplement should take more more than 25 mg/day extra. Also, too much zinc and then you start leaching too much copper. There is probably some copper in your megavitamin and that should cover you.

Although it does not work for all men, L-arginine has been most effective in upping my own volume. 1.5 grams a day didn’t do a whole lot, but 3 grams/day opened the flood gates.

You have to be realistic, keeping in mind that no sort of supplementation is going to keep your volume high every time at 10 - 17 ejaculations a week. Even in the best of states, your seminal vessicles and prostate just can’t supply the kind of volume you want them to pump.



Okay that clarifies a lot avocet, I did not know that it would start to remove copper from my body. Anyway, I did purchase some Zinc from GNC today. With the ZMA I take daily and Multivitamin I’m comsuming about 45mg daily. I added one tablet daily bringing the total to 95mg daily? Is that too much or should I scrap the Zinc and go straight for the L-Arginine? Just using an example, probably a bad one however since he is an exceptional individual in his own right, but lets take for example, Mr. North. He is known for his volimunious discharges. How frequently do you think he ejaculates? Purely from the standpoint of conjecture, do you think that Mr. North waits a week or more between orgasm just to be his best on film and then abstains the rest of that period between films? No doubt regardless of that aspect he is not a normal individual. Anyway, for some decent volume and I am quite aware that this has to with the individual as well, but how frequently do you think I can ejaculate and still maintain decent to above average volume?

I’ve read many times that 50 mg of zinc supplementation is the upper limit and many of the writers who sound like they know their subject (at least to me) suggest only 25 mg because of the zinc we get also through our diet. If you want to have a real zinc splurge, eat a small can of smoked oysters. Lots of it there.

Only a guess, but North knows that his income depends a lot on the quantity of his “money shots” so it is very likely he isn’t ejaculating real often at home just before he makes a flic.

When I was researching that ejaculation article for Thunders, the highest volume reported in medical studies I read was 14 ml, this among many hundreds of study subjects who were submitting semen for fertility studies and for studies on ejaculation function and dysfunction. When you consider that 2 - 5 ml is the average volume for a healthy male, 14 ml is off the wall.

We’re all different. I average 3 ejaculations a week, sex and masturbation, and I know that my average volume runs between 9 - 11 ml. I can’t tell you exactly what my volume was prior to L-a supplementation (for over 2 yrs now) but I’d guess 6 ml or a tad above that. Nor can I tell you how frequently you can ejaculate and keep your volume on the high end. But all these numbers seem to me to be completely academic anyway.

What counts more to me is something else. How intense and long-lasting is the orgasm that produces the ejaculate? One thing I do believe from doing a good deal of learning and experimenting is that more ejaculate volume tends to produce a longer-lasting ejaculation unless, I am guessing, one has a very wide urethral tube.

Orgasmic duration does have to do with how many contractions you experience when you ejaculate. If more, it lasts longer than if fewer. If your volume is on the high end, you are likely to have more contractions and longer lasting orgasms. I don’t care much about the visual at all. I think the kick is almost entirely in what the orgasm feels like. But then, I don’t do this for money. :)




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