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Lots of information here. How does this routine sound?

Lots of information here. How does this routine sound?

Recently found this site, just started applying. So, I was thinking to myself, the beginner routine is awesome. Yet there’s all kinds of things going on. Hangers, pumps, pills, etc.

My thoughts on supplementing this routine would be to invest in a water pump, and apply light usage after manual exercises.

I perform these exercises after I do a nightly workout of abs, pushups, and pull ups. My buddy is helping me with various supplements to help me get leaner, and those should also transfer into, (hopeful) gains.

So any advice or help would be appreciated because this is really overwhelming.

Hi Delta,

My suggestion…skip all the pumps, pills, and hanging. You would be wise to do either a conditioning program or a beginner program to build a strong foundation. Then after a few months, you can transition (SLOWLY) to hanging and other training methods. Less is more.

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I appreciate the advice. I kept reading some more threads and saw a lot of that. So for now, I’ll stick with the beginner type deal. Thanks for taking time to reply!

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