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Lotion and PE

Lotion and PE

Does anyone use lotion after PE’ing? I did today. It seemed like a good idea. Friction seems to damage my skin (d’oh!).

I use skin therapy lotion.


I always use lotion.

Yeah seems to be easier when you first start

Started about a week ago 4.25 EL, no gains yet

I’m uncircumcized, so I don’t use lotion for PE exercizes. The question is this: AFTER PE’ing, does anyone use lotion to treat potentially damaged skin? Sorry to reiterate, but it seems that a couple of people have misunderstood or simply wandered off topic.

Originally Posted by hydroxpl

Started about a week ago 4.25 EL, no gains yet

To whom are you referring lilwang. Hmmmm. :-k


Originally Posted by RoomToGrow
To whom are you referring lilwang. Hmmmm. :-k


I just recently started to keep my unit lotioned up. I am hoping it keeps the skin soft, expandable, and repair any damage. There is also my theory that it can temporarily increase girth and cellular expanision (of the shaft skin) due to water retention. It also makes pumping better since the penis can slide easier in the tube and attain maximal expansion without getting stuck on the cylinder walls. With my foreskin, the cream can also stay around the glans nearly indefinately (no clothes rubbing it off), helping keep the glans moist just as nature intended.

Drawback, no spontaneous oral sex anymore :) Unless he/she loves the taste of lotion. Probably have to wash it off for vaginal sex too, I don’t know how it would react inside vagina.

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