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Lot ????

Lot ????

Hi guys ive followed the LOT theory but i cant work it out, i pull out my dick at 12, 9, 6 oclocks and i still get pull back when i kegal, any ideas.
Or am i doing something really wrong.


In another thread, I recall you mentioned it was a little under 9:00.

Are you doing it correctly? If you pull down towards the floor, and when kegeling see a visible tugback, you have a low LOT and need to stretch or hang at high angles ie. upwards.


Ok when i pull up i get a visable tugback when i go past middle (9 oclock) so prob about 8 it starts to fade and no visable tugback, so i think im about right what do you think i should work on to gain more.

Sorry about before i needed to make sure i was doing it right

First, please use a capital “I” - remember not all the members here are English and it makes it easier for all..

Second, you still have lig work to do according to the LOT theory, so hang or stretch downwards to work the ligs.

Jelqing is a hard exercise to beat, as well. Check out the newbie routine (a thread above).


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