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LOT Theory

LOT Theory

Hi guys

I was reading about the LOT Theory and I’m getting a bit lost when it comes to testing myself. What am I looking for when I start looking in the mirror whilst kelging, when I kelg I see the muscle or lig tensing then releasing when I stop. I have tried from 12 O’clock to 6 and I can see the same all the way. Is that what I’m supposed to be looking for?

Thanks for all your expert advice and sorry for being a newbie.


Dont be sorry for being a newbie we all have to start somewhere.

As for you question, I dont know much about the LOT theory, but it seems that the LOT theory is without merit. So I wouldnt worry about it too much.
My advice would be to stretch in all angle’s that you feel you are getting a good stretch from.

May be someone with mor knowledge could explain why you dont get any loss of tug back at all.

Good luck

Lot is loss of tugback. This occurs at some point along an axis using a clocklike diagram. I was a bit confused about this when I first started, but eventually I understood it. Your looking to see at what point, when you kegel, your dick doesn’t pull back into your body. Do not hold your dick so hard that you can’t have a tugback. Also the LOT theory is just that a theory and obviously theories don’t always hold true, maybe thats why they are theories. Best of luck to you in your PE’ing.

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Thanks for your quick response guys!! Well I’m going to leave the thoery for now as I seem to have tugback at all angles. I will now continue with my newbie routine :) I’m also finding since I started PE that I seem to come alot quicker, is that due to all the attention I’m giving him and is that making my penis more sensitive?

Thanks dudes!

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