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LOT Theory

LOT Theory

I went through this exercise earlier today and apparently my LOT occurs at 6:00 or degrees before, I still receive a tug at 7-8 o’clock but it is very very slight.any veterans w/this stat? It appears that this is about the worst reading I could’ve gotten, is it possible for me to even make improvements using PE? I read that stretching the ligaments would be next to useless for someone in this range, and that my benefits would come from stretching the tunica.does the tunica just not have as much potential to stretch as the ligaments? Where do I stand?

Pretend you never read it. You aren’t the first to come here and see that and think all is lost. It’s a theory that not everyone believes in. Start with the Newbie Routine (link at the top of the Newbie Forum fist page) and do that for a couple months. You’ll likely see changes and even gains.

Listen to westla. If and when you become a Jedi Master of PE, then LOT Theory may become of importance to your continued gains. Until then, disregard it. And do as westla recomends.

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Ignore your LOT. Plenty of guys with low LOTs gain big.

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