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LOT theory

LOT theory

Hi, according to the LOT theory I should be doing stretches upwards (I feel no tug at 6:00) but when I pull my penis up that way, I don’t feel any sort of stretching at all. I have been doing all of my stretching downwards and BTC because I feel my ligs being “pulled” then. If I pull up on my penis, I feel like I’m doing absolutely nothing because I feel nothing. Is this normal? What am I doing wrong? Any help appreciated please

Look at the bottom of this thread Aedens.

Forget LOT Theory.

Do whatever gives you the best stretch feeling, for now at least. Like you said that’s downwards and BTC.

Stretching upwards is not the easiest stretch to do. You won’t always feel the tension, but it is still good to stretch in every direction.

When I stretch up (penis pointing towards my chest), I have a slightly different grip. I don’t circle just below the head as usual, but actually have my thumb around the top of the glans. I find that gives me better leverage. I also stick by gut out a bit after pulling up to use my (not so bad for a 43 year old guy) belly as a fulcrum.

Forget LOT. Disproven or not, you should just stretch in every direction and do what feels right to you.

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