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Lot theory and more stupid questions

Lot theory and more stupid questions

After reviewing all the posts about Lot theory I am not convinced. I’ve tried over and over to determine lot and can get pull back in almost all positions. However the pullback lessens as I go down the clock. One reason may be that my BC muscle are exhasted as I go down the clock. What I can say is pull back is greatly increased at the 12 o’clock position. At this position there is a cord like fiber that runs from the top of the base of my penis to the top of the head. I am unsure of the technical term for this cord but this is what I believe I must strech in order to gain length.

Also my errections stand up with a slight curve like a banana. If I were to try to push down my penis parralel with the floor I don’t get past 10 or 11 o’clock and what is holding me back is the fiber I mentioned earlier. Isn’t this fiber conected to the suspensitory ligament hence needing to be steched in order to gain length?

On a side note I have been using an Auto Extender Auto ADS and pumping both require I remove the device after some time in order to return blood flow to the glans. I believe this is due to the fact that I do not have enough corpas whatever and pinch the main vein and restrict blood flow. I hope this will change over time with gains so I can use these devices for longer perionds of time. Yesturday I experinced a new sensation while wearing my auto extender. Instead of just feeling a strech at the top of the base I aslo felt a strech on the sides of the penis and I could feel the strech all the way to where my legs meet my pelvis. Is this normal and does it have anything to do with streaching the tunicia?

As a newbie expect more stupid questions after I check the search engine. Thank you for creating this site it is a God send.

Hey Marbal,

Your experiences with various stretching feelings and the need to restore blood circulation are perfectly normal. Don’t worry about LOT (is my advice, anyway). Keep up a regular, safe pumping and ADS schedule and you’ll probably begin to see gains within a couple of months. Or maybe you have even in the last couple of weeks :)

By the way, it’s a relief to hear of another guy with at least one penis-length “cord” thing most palpable when stretching. Early in my PE career I worried that this must have been a thrombosed vein or something, but now I really don’t think it’s a problem, whatever it may be.

When you’re searching after you LOT, you’ve found it when your penis starts to lose tugback, not when you have no tugback at all.


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