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LOT Theory and BC Muscle Strength

LOT Theory and BC Muscle Strength

I’ve been reading up on LOT theory and remember doing the test a couple of years ago when I first found Thunder’s Place. I repeated the test today and noticed that my LOT angle is around 6.5 whereas before it was way higher.

The only thing that has changed in this time is the strength of my BC muscle- for a period of around 6 months I was regularly doing Pilates which involves an intense and sustained workout of your core stability muscles including those in the pelvic floor. It is also documented that unlike other muscles in the body, these do not atrophy through lack of use as you use them (willingly or not) every day, so mine will be just as strong now as when I was hammering the Pilates. This leads me to think that maybe the LOT angle is more related to the strength of your BC muscle than how much stretch is left in your ligaments. Has anybody else had any similar experiences?

Apologies if this has been asked or suggested before. I had a read around but didn’t find anything.

Nice observation and illustrative of the fact that LOT is not a reliable indicator of lig potential or gains.

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