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LOT stretching question

LOT stretching question

I get the least amount to almost none, of tugback in the 6 and 7 o’clock positions. I’m looking for a bit of clarity please. Given the information I just stated, should I be stretching in higher and straight out positions?

Thanks fellas!

Have you done a search on ‘LOT’?

I have actually, call me slow or maybe even slightly retarded but it’s a bit unclear to me, hence the question for clarity’s sake.

Seen this?

Originally Posted by WestLA-90069
The LOT theory can safely be ignored by all new members. It won’t help you get gains with jelqing or stretching or even with hanging.[/I]

There are many threads on the LOT theory, most discrediting it and advising members to ignore it. I’m surprised those threads aren’t found when new members search (using the search button, top right of every page) for LOT.

WestLA-90069 - LOT theory for beginners

it was posted just few days ago.

I have seen that thread, thank you for the help. As someone who has done PE for 3 months along with using an extender with no gains of any sort, I’m willing to put a bit of hope into the LOT theory. I figure, whether hanging weights or stretching manually, your still pulling the ligs, so how much difference is there really? Maybe as a complete novice there’s something I’m missing and I’m fine with being corrected, but it just seems to make sense to me right now, that the theory would apply to both.

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