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LOT Stretch with kegel. Maybe new stretch?

LOT Stretch with kegel. Maybe new stretch?

Hey guys I posted this on other sites didnt have anyone with ideas. I am a relative newcomer to the boards have been doing PE off and on more off in the past few years, getting serious about it now. I found something cool wanted others thoughts. I did the LOT exercise and found I’m a straight down 6:00 LOT guy. What I found was interesting is when I bungled my penis at the LOT and did a kegel the stretch was intense. It was even more pronounced when I did the same stretch when I twisted the opposite direction of my usual hang (slightly right). Has anyone else noticed or experienced this? I did it gently and feeling after was great. Can’t wait to build back up and do this more.

Yep exactly thought it was pretty cool. Felt a great stretch during and after. Was very gentle though since it was more of an experiment. Try it see if you have the same and feel the same.

I don’t believe the LOT theory, but I believe if some one has a high position of erection, 10-12 o’clock (point straight up), he will gain a lot with hanging or stretching SD and BTC by lowering the position

Thats me a straight up pointer. Been doing alot of stretches lately. It was more something I noticed and was curious if anyone else had. Could be useful for something different to trigger more gains.

Yes same with me toyota. It makes sense to attack the kegels from different situations and angles. I believe it will create stronger erections(and thus better gain potential).

LOT is real. The theory what to make of it is another thing. But there is a “loss of tugback”.

And the question is if this loss of tugback can be changed and what the benefits might be. Bundling at the LOT brings back tugback. So Im wondering if increasing the strength at that point will lead to a lower LOT and increases Erection strength.

Im just thinking that bundling creates a shorter BC/kegel muscle. This means the tugback is now noticable again.

Maybe other will comment if they have noticed this. I believe more in the angle theory too. I am no expert just not afraid to experiment. If it can make a more powerful erection then great. I will keep it in my bag of tricks and post results in a few weeks. All I know is the wife had extra fun this morning when she woke up she doesnt know I’m doing this yet. Afraid she will think I’m cheating or something when I just wanna please her more.

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