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LOT questions.

LOT questions.

I can’t really find my LOT. I think it’s 8:00 but I’m not sure.isnt it true /from what I read.that a lower lot means a lower exit point, which mainly means lower erection angle.less chance of gains from BTC hanging.I have a rather high erection angle. Probably 10:00 when standing up. Am I measuring my LOT incorrectly? Or is this all possible and make sense.please correct me if I’m wrong and explain the LOT/Exit POint / erection angle connections.if any one could please

It’s that new Pennsylvania checker, Thunder. You think they spell bad, you should see them drive.

You are too new to be worried about figuring out your LOT. Just do the newbie routine and stretch in all directions to start. Once you have gotten to know your unit you will be able to better determine your LOT. IMHO, I think we put too much focus on that theory anyway. Pull your dick, it will grow.


Although I am a new member in thunder’s forum, I have been PE ing for eight months.I have done the stretching and have been hanging for quite some time now.this thread/post just ended up in the ‘newbie’ forum when I tried to post it in another forum. Albeit that I just recently joined thunder’s forum, I have now introduced to exit points and the LOT theory and the meaning of the erection angle so I posted to try to get a better understanding of it all

I stand corrected (well really I’m sitting). Sorry to presume, tiger. Still, don’t put too much emphasis on the LOT theory. Stretch in all directions.

I am a little confused because you say at first you have a 8:00 LOT, but then later you say you have a 10:00 LOT. anything above 7 or 8 and you should do more BTC type stretches. Again, strecth in all directions just do more low angle than high angle. If you have a 6 or 7 LOT you want to do more high angle stretching. If you are confused as to how to determine the LOT according to a clock look at the Illustrations and Diagrams link in my signature. It’s post #4.


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