Thanks for the welcome, Ramrod. This is an awesome Forum. So much good information by so many informed guys. I think I am going to learn a remendous amount.

Seyz, The answer to your question is yes you can still do stretches to increase the Tunica and Septum. The stretches just need to be performed at a higher angle. (9-12 o’clock) Some thing like an A-Stretch will def help stretch the Tunica. There is another thread that may help you with another explaination.


And again, you can ALWAYS do lower angle stretches for ligs, but when you LOT is low I wouldn’t focus on that untill you stretch out the tunica a bit and raise your LOT. And I am supposing you know what I mean when I say low angle stretches or high angle stretches. Not trying to be condescending, just covering all the bases.

Hope this helps.