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LOT Question and a few others.

LOT Question and a few others.

Hi Fellow PE’ers

Thanks for hosting such a great site and I wish everyone the best possible results!!

Ok I measured BPL and I come out at 7” with a goal of 8”. I tried the LOT theory to see which angle would give me the best gain and I discovered that I have a strong BC Muscle when I Kelg which means I get tugback all around the clock, Am I doing something wrong or can I not benefit from PE.

I have mainly started doing Jelq’s and stretching in the shower before and after work and I think I should start warming up and cooling down. On a few rare cases I tried to make a hanger but failed so I used my own innovation and used a poker case as the weight and a shoe string which was attached to my penis which had a piece of cloth and rubber wrapped round. I have been told that this is extreamly stupid and dangerous?

I’m just looking for some friendly advice on how to start my PE’ing and weather I will be able to gain even though I get tug back all the time.

Thanks for everyone advice.

Good luck and looking forward to posting pictures soon.


Don’t worry about your LOT. LOT was theory developed by and for hangers, and it’s a theory that has basically been discredited. If you’re new to PE, here’s the best place to start (and if you follow it you have the best chance of seeing rapid early gains) : Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine. And here’s a great collection of links for beginners: START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info

I’d also encourage you to read Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!. Use the info in this thread to adjust your routine (more or less intensity, more or less rest days, etc. depending on EQ and getting to know your unit.)

The “hanger” you fashioned sounds very dangerous. Please don’t attempt anything like that again! You really could hurt yourself badly. Just do the newbie routine, and in the mean time read up on hanging/hangers. There is a ton of good solid info here on hanging and making your own hanger. But really, that’s for down the road after you’ve got your newbie gains and conditioned your unit (i.e several months at the very least!)

Good luck!

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