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LOT problem

LOT problem

this is a major problem….. i have no LOT, anywhere i put my penis outstretched, doing a kegel, i always get a tug of my penis head and the base flexes

Why do you think this is a “major problem?”

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I don’t think this is a big problem. I started a thread a couple of weeks ago called “attempt to model LOT,” or something like that. Check it out.

The very unscientific conclusion I came to (admittedly as a newbie myself) is that too much is made of LOT. LOT is basically the angle at which the tension on your penis switches from the “tunica” to the ligaments (tunica is in quotes, because I’m not really sure that’s the structure of interest—it might actually be “Buck’s Fascia”).

No LOT means your ligs never bear the stretching force when pulling between 12 and 6:00. It might mean you’ll have problems seeing rapid changes in flaccid length, as your ligs are already loose and/or low, but I believe it has little bearing on any erect gains you will achieve. Erect gains are primarily achieved by growing the body of the penis itself, not simply by loosening the ligs (although others have pointed out that loosening the ligs may lower the point at which your penis exits your abdomen, and thus may give you more “revealed” erect length). But people don’t usually fuck with their penises pointing straight down, so it seems to me that a lower exit point is of limited benefit where sex is concerned.

Think on the bright side. No LOT means you can hang straight down and still be hitting your tunica. That may actually be a benefit. Assuming you can get some growth in your tunica, your ligs may eventually come into play as they become the limiting element.

PS: I have a very low LOT, but I’ve still managed to gain over 1/2” in 2 months. I’ve also discovered that pumping does wonders for flaccid hang, regardless of LOT.

Keep “hanging” in there!

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