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LOT of 9 ligs or tunica

lot of 9

If my lot is 9, I would have to stretch below this to get a good lig stretch, since there is more lig that can be pulled out. You say that I should target the point of the highest tugback which would be at 12 for me. Wouldn’t this be for my tunica and not for the ligs, since it’s not below 9? Should I continue to A-stretch downwards, or is this exercise pointless since I don’t have a low lot?

Hi hunglo77,

Welcome to the forum. I put this post where it would get noticed.

If your LOT is nine concentrate on the ligs if you want the quickest gain. The ligs are easier to stretch than the tunica.

No stretch is pointless, its just a matter of knowing what you’re attacking and why. If you stretch below your LOT though there is little point in trying to wear out the BC muscle with the Blaster because you are then pulling the penis in a direction where the BC muscle has no effect on what you are stretching.

Hope that helps.

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