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LOT. No gains in length

LOT. No gains in length

So, I noticed that I’ve actually lost about .15 in EL. I’m abit frustrated and feeling slightly hopeless. However coming online today. I feel a bit more hopeful reading about the LOT. But I don’t’ quite understand this. If I feel the strongest tugback at 12:00 and the least at 6:00.. Or even 5:30. Does this mean my LOT is at 6:00? Gosh this is frustrating. I want length and girth, but which should I focus on? I recovered from my hernia surgery and am performing 2 sets of jelqing a day along with about 20 minutes of stretching including jai stretches, BTC stretches, manual V stretches, and the over the arm stretch. I’ve been doing this new routine about a week now, but after a whole summer I saw no gains in length. Which direction should I be stretching? Should I be stretching below below 6:00? Can anyone shine some light on this sorry situation?

Hope to Grow Still

Current EL 6.75 EG 5.2

How long have you been doing PE? Experienced any overtraining?

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03-03-2010 Bpel 7.2" Msg 4.7"

Scipio81, quest for girth

Yes. I think that might be it. I’m going about it with. ‘This is the last day on earth mentality”. And I was doing good and I overtrained again on accident. I’m losing not gaining.

Well I’m no expert on the subject but if I recall correctly some respected members in this forum have already disregarded the lot theory. And about you losing some length my guess is that is the way for your penis asking for a break.

I would suggest you lower the intensity or take some time off, as definitely a shorter erection is not what we try to achieve with PE. So relax a little and give your penis a break, then return with a more relaxed approach.

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Forget about LOT. Do you worry about the theory of gravity every time you play a pick up game of basketball with your buddies?

If you are overtraining, take a least a couple weeks off. And then come back with less intensity.

On the intensity thing:

I don’t know what your workouts look like now, but personally I found the standard thunders newbie routine too stressful and counterproductive.

If you haven’t seen it, this thread is really worth reading:

NEW newbie + advanced routine

See also the one linked in my sig: Is starting out lesser necessarily better

Good, fellows, I’m proud of you :) .

Awesome. I actually read that newbie routine+advance thread today, I did alot of looking on the site and I found DLD Blasters. But that sounds scary I tried some and they are insane!! Need to get my game down. I have a proposal, what about starting with 10 minutes of jelqing a day and 10 minutes of stretching and moving my way up to 20 minutes of jelqing and 20 minutes of stretching over the next two months. At one point I just jumped into doing a hour of stretching and was pulling way too hard, and that was right after I had surgery. Gosh no wonder I lost length. Sta-cool, can you give me any hints at the routine your doing, because that’s a pretty steady gain way to go.

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