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LOT is doodoo

LOT is doodoo

Would you guys agree or disagree with the LOT theory?

Define what you mean by “LOT Theory.” This term is used to describe different things.

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The theory designed by Bib to determine length gains

Who knows? Bigger was well studied on the subject I would like to hear some result from people if they got results following the lot theory.

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Dino is see you gained a lot in the PE Stats. Is that due to time or specific exercises. What type exercises you do

I’ve read Bib’s thread and understand the basics, but as you can see it says many different things. I still think it’s important to state the exact proposition you’d like us to comment on. What part of this “theory” do you suspect may be “doodoo?”

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

I’m not saying it is doodoo I’m asking. I’m talking about if you have a LOT of 6, chances of gain are small. Compared to lot of 10, chances are big. Is this true? Another forum where I’m at completely dismisses this theory.

Maybe I am wrong here but what I got from Bib’s LOT theory is that if you have a LOT of 6 (which I had initially) that your gains will not be as quick as someone that has a LOT of 10. From what I have read and if I am understanding correctly good gains can still be had by someone with a LOT of 6 but they would have to put in the time to get it because they have to hit the tunica first and then as the LOT raises they would need to then stretch the ligaments to allow the penile structure to come out of the pelvis. Then, as the ligaments stretch out again on would then have to once again attack the tunica.

I might be off base, but I believe that Bib’s LOT theory is just a way to convey and track the relationship between the tunica & ligaments in an on going manner so we can maximize our efforts by being able to predict, adjust and plan our programs. I think it can be used to gauge our progress and help to wisely manage the growth of these two parts of our bodies in relation to each other.

I am personally inclined to believe in this theory because I have seen my LOT raise from 6 to around 8 or 9 after about 6 cumulative months of hanging. During this time I think I have added about an .75 of an or so in length from my tunica and now get to attack the ligaments for what everyone says are the easier gains to make as opposed to the tunica. I am still kind of feeling my way through this as anyone else would but am more encouraged today than ever and I have seen the LOT theory in action as I have progressed. Stepping back and looking at it, it makes sense to me now. I had to read it about ten times when I first came to Thunders’s Place just to grasp the idea of it all, I did not have true clarity in my understanding of it until just now going through the raising of my LOT.

Hope this helps a little and that it isn’t too wordy to read.

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