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LOT help!

LOT help!

Okay after some more research I found that when the tugback starts to lessen and the base flexes that this is probably your LOT. Mine was 6 o’clock until I tested this theory. Now say if my LOT is 9 o’clock does that mean I’ll get the best results by stretching at 9 o’clock? Or what angle should I stretch at?

Oh You Didn't Know...

Good news, you still have potential for gains from lig stretch.

You should be stretching at an angle below your LOT., means below 9.


Paul is correct. Ideally you should try and stretch as far below your LOT as possible and that is Between the Cheeks (BTC) or at least Straight Down (SD).

The further below your LOT you stretch, the greater the proportion of a stress is taken by the ligs.

I use the A-stretch with a pipe and since i don’t have a lot to work with its hard to go over the pipe and go straight down. Other than that thanks for the reply guys!

Oh You Didn't Know...

OK then, try this.
Turn your penis on its side, that is 90 degrees , and then go under the pipe (V stretch). By turning to the side, you avoid applying any pressure on the dorsal nerve (which could lead to numbness).

Don’t forget to change sides.

When you go over the pipe, you automatically are stretching up, regardless of where the end of your dick is pointing. By going under the pipe, you are automatically stretching down, even though your glans will then point up.
Make sense?

I’ll give that a shot Andrew69, but in the other replies it says to stretch as low as i could.

Oh You Didn't Know...

I don’t think you quite understand how this works.
When we say you should stretch as far down as possible to target the ligs, that means that is where the portion of penis that exits the body should be pointing, not the middle or glans.
This is because the ligs attach to the shaft near the base.
If you performed the V stretch as I described, you would in fact be stretching down as suggested by your LOT.

I hope that clears it up for you a little (:

Okay now I understand but I have just one more question. When I do the V-Stretch the way you mentioned, does it matter what angle I pull the head upward? Should it be straight up or slightly up? thanks so much for taking the time to help me. I tend to ask a lot of questions (sorry).

Oh You Didn't Know...

No, it doesn’t matter.
As long as the penis close to the body is pointing down, that’s fine.

Nothing wrong with asking questions! Chances are that if you needed clarification, then so does someone else.

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