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LOT help

LOT help

Hi all. I’ve noticed that my head get back when i kegel. Expecially when i’m pulling in direction of my face. A little less when i pull on the left or right. But only when my unit is very low, looking at the floor I lose this (tugback?)

Should i stretch in direction of my face or in direction of my feet?
What is 6:00, 7, 8 o clock? There is any pic or DIAGRAM to find my “LOT”? I’m not very into english, so i can’t grab everything in the bib’s theory

Thanks all!

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I will do my best to describe what you ask.

Look at a clock face, now 12 is pointing up at your face, 6 is pointing down at your shoes, 3 is pointing straight out in front and 9 would be pointing directly back (which you will have a hard time doing, the body tends to get in the way.) The point in which you lose visible movement of the head (oh please let me be right on this) is your lot. According to Bib, you might see some movement no matter. But your lot will be where the tug back (movement) is least noticed.

As far as do I stretch toward my face or toward my shoes, do both. Stretch up toward your face first, then toward your shoes.

I hope this helped you, and welcome to Thunders (even if I am a bit late with the welcome).

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