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LOT at polar opposites

LOT at polar opposites

When I test LOT, I have Loss of Tugback in two places: 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock. Two polar opposites, the weaker of the two is the 6 o’clock, but not by much.

Question 1 — Can anyone shed light on this conundrum? or is it really that important?

I follow the Newbie Routine and during which, I alternate 20 jelqs at around 11 o’clock followed by 20 at 7 o’clock.

Question 2— Should I be focusing more on one angle more than the other?

Personally, I don’t think there’s anything at all to the LOT theory.



I guess you new guys don’t bother to read other posts. You just start asking questions without searching or reading. I just posted on this topic this morning. The LOT theory means nothing. I was an attempt at explaining one person’s idea about trying to see if there might be a physical indicator for the best way to hang weights. It was for hangers. It wasn’t a general theory for other PEers. It has been shown to be worthless. It wasn’t based on sound physiology. Ignore LOT.

westla90069 - Low lot is btc hanging worth it

Sorry about that… Thanks for the info.

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