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LOT / Angles, will I get it back? (whoops)

LOT / Angles, will I get it back? (whoops)

I (for the first time) yesterday used my PM pointing down.

At some points I had it pointing up and I manually pushed it down myself, as I did it, twice I felt this little “twang” snap like feeling (no pain) I don’t know if it was a lig pop or anything?

I don’t seem to have actually gained anything the day later but already my dick is hanging lower in an erection.
It used to rigidly point up in a 1:30am kind of angle, now it’s more a 3:00 straight out.

I knew I shouldn’t have done it but I was greedy, wanting the length gains, is there any chance I will get my angle back? - it’s the one thing my g/f likes from my less than average cock.

Anyone with any experience know?

Has your erection quality changed — its hardness, that is?

Changes in erection angle aren’t terribly common with PE, but some guys do report a lowering of erection, especially from hanging. Some have theorized that hanging at a high angle (e.g., over the shoulder) may help restore a higher erection angle, although I’m not sure this works.

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