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Lot angle question...

Lot angle question...

Ok, I’ve read through Bib’s LOT theory and I have not found info on how the angle’s relate to a clock. So a little help would be great. This is where I have loss of penis retraction while doing a kegel. Say that flat on my back, penis straight up in the air perpendicular to my body is 90 degress, and straight down towards my feet is 0. So midway between these point would be 45 degrees. Well that is where my tugback is near nothing. So what is this in terms of a clock? What does it mean in terms of potential growth? Where should I start my focus in manual stretching?

Thanks guys!


If you are lying on your back, and you pull straight up, so that your penis is perpendicular to you, that is 9 o’clock. Pointing to your face is 12, and pointing to your feet is 6.

This, of course, doesn’t change if you stand up.

Your LOT sounds like it is at 7:30. However, you should measure where the tugback begins to lessen considerably, as this is when the ligs are beginning to take the stress.

SuperDick (love the name) — See whether the following thread’s illustration-posts by SS4Jelq and by me help: LOT question

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Very good! Excellent material. I have an idea of where I’m going to start working this to get at the tunica. So in theory my LOT should change as I stretch the tunica, correct?


SuperDick, a great explanation of the clock analogy can be found in KOG’s Bib’s LOT Theory 101 thread.

>> So in theory my LOT should change as I stretch the tunica, correct?
More so when you stretch your ligs, which are primarily the controlling factor in your LOT. When you exhaust the stretch available in your ligs, that’s when it’s time to move into tunica work.

Somehow I missed that thread, Stevie — wouldn’t have self-promoted if I’d known about it! What a great job KOG did.

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