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LOT and tunica question

LOT and tunica question

This rabo, I’m not exactly an advanced PEer but nor am I a beginner also. I have many questions about PE and when I search for answers I usually don’t find anything that answer’s my question specifically. I have one question that I must ask in order to ever be successful with PE. I have read and fully understood the LOT theory and Bib’s LOT theory. I have a LOT of 6 o’clock which means I would benefit from the stretching of my tunica at angles 9-12 o’clock, and I also understand that with stretching the tunica your LOT also slowly goes up. That being said my question is if I stretch my tunica to a certain point and I raise my LOT from 6 to 10 o’clock would I then be able to benefit from lig stretching at angles of 8o’clock or less, or is lig stretching something that you cannot make gains from unless it is high to start with? I would really like to buy or make one of Bib’s hangers as I’ve read that he made remarkable gains from using it, but with a 6 o’clock LOT I couldn’t possibly hope to make gains half as good or is that where the tunica stretching comes in to play?

Somebody, (preferably but not limited to) an experienced veteran help me with my question. I would really like to modify my routine that would give me the most length gains as possible.

Helllllloooo is anybody out there.

Sorry, I don’t know enough about the subject to help you. I am sure someone will get to you in a day or two. Good luck!


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The LOT theory was something that kept many of us busy when it first came out. Some believed it without question. Others weren’t so sure it meant anything at all. If you’ve done your homework you’ve probably read these threads:

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You can gain with tunica work and hanging in any of several directions. Don’t limit yourself based on this theory. Since you may not yet be conditioned enough for hanging you should start slowly. Bib still sells the hangers:

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