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LOT and the VacExtender

LOT and the VacExtender

I was wondering if the Vac Extender would be useful for someone with a LOT of 6 or 7. I did the LOT test and even when stretching straight down, I have a slight pull back.

So I guess I’m asking if the Vac does good stretching of the tunica.

As far as I know, the LOT-theory is not used anymore. This means that you can gain like the rest of us! :D

My Stats:

THEN: BPEL: 5.39 inch || EG Base: 4.33 inch || BPFL: 3.23 inch || EG Mid: 4.1 inch

NOW: BPEL: 5.59 inch || EG Base: 4.33 inch || BPFL: 3.23 inch || EG Mid: 4.1 inch

Just hang down to get more lig work this may bring faster gains by pulling out internal penis and straight up or out for tunic work.I would start pointing down.

Current stats march 2008= Nbel 6.75 Bpel 7.5 Eg 5.5

Goal by the end of next year Nbel 8.5 Eg 6.5

I had only planned to use the Vac as an extender device, not for hanging. Is it recommended to do hanging instead of extending, or both in conjunction?

Let me just give you a rundown of my story real quick ( actually a long story, sorry.) I “discovered” PE about 5 years ago, started doing all the newbie routines. I gained about .25 length and minimal girth. Then my gains stopped. After a long time of no progress, I quit having been demoralized.

I started getting back into PE eventually, and through reading, I came to realize I was and EXTREMELY hard gainer. Still I never entertained the idea of using any sort of device or tool. Then I came across the infamous “Aristocrane” thread where he said he made super girth gains with clamping. So you know, I wouldn’t mind adding length, but I really want to add girth, even if it means no length.

So I started clamping. I used one for a long time, not much gaining came from it. I stepped it up to a double clamp at the base. To give you an idea of how hard of a gainer I am, after 2 15 min sets with two clamps at the base, my penis only expanded maybe .15-.2 in in girth post workout as opposed to those whose penis expanded maybe a half to a full inch post workout. Little permanent gains came from this as well. See how discouraging this could be..

As a side note, for the heck of it, I started doing PE without any type of warm up pre or post workout, and I must say I think that actually works better for me. Since then I’ve made minimal gains length and girth, purely through clamping, still small, but better than zippo.

So then I read the TGC theory thread along with the LOT thread. I am assuming that these theories are somewhat sound right now. Based on the testing It seems that according to TGC, it is my tunica that is holding me back. As I read it, it made perfects sense because there have been times where I felt like there was something inside my penis that was trying to burst out, but couldn’t because of a tough outer layer of some sort ( I now know to be the tunica). So it seems to me that I must work on length, specifically the tunica in order to make girth gains besides the length gains.

So the wind up is that I’m still trying to figure out how to get out of this funk and make some serious gains.


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