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LOT and supplement questions

LOT and supplement questions

Finally getting into the rhythm of things of the newbie routine so I figured I’d fine tune it a bit.

My caffeine habit has more or less been eliminated and water has been the preferred drink, though I still get an occasional decaf drink, I NEED my mochas.

Anyway, did some reading and I my LOT seems to be between 9:00 and 8:00 or 7:00, so I figure I should be putting a bit more focus on stretches that pull upward?

Lastly, I’m thinking of getting into supplements and considering NOX2. I’m a pretty skinny person, weight around 125 lbs (I’m 22 for the record) and wondering if there’s a particular dosage I should start with or if it doesn’t really matter.

Thank you in advance. =D

As a newbie you should concentrate on downward angles at first, even with a LOT of 8:00. You should get some easy lig gains at first, and that will help keep you motivated. The tunica will be waiting for you later. :)

Good luck!


Start 6/13/04: 6.0 BPEL x 5.125 EG (midshaft) Current 10/17/04: 6.938 BPEL x 5.625 EG (midshaft) Come on 7! Disclaimer: I'm not an advanced member, but my member is advancing. ;)

Thanks, will take that into consideration. =)

One last question, in regards to jelq’ing “properly.” I tend to lose my optimal erections at workout, or maybe perhaps I’m overestimating my erection states, but from what I get, as long as you can feel a “wave of pressure” through the jelqs, that is to say I’m jelq’ing at an optimum state? I know I’m not doing them in a flaccid state, but I feel as I’m doing them in that puffy, hung state that happens post-session. Is that all right or should I aim for a higher erection state (I’m looking to mostly make flaccid state gains). It feels like there’s a good amount of blood flowing through, but my erection state seems to not reflect that.

Otherwise, I guess I might have to break out the porn then? =)

Thanks again in advance.

If you feel your dick being worked that is a good thing but if you feel the pressure raising as you go up the stroke, your erection is too low. Don’t worry if you have to take time out to regain your erection. Sometimes jelqing upward to start with and then switching to a downward angle as your errection fades can help to get the maximum amount of time between stopping to regain the erection.

Using porn often means you don’t pay as much attention to what you are doing.

Ask your NOX2 question in another thread, it might get a quicker response.

I couldn’t live without caffeine and cigarrettes.

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