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LOT, am I determining it right

LOT, am I determining it right

Hi, I was just wondering if I’m determining my LOT right, since I would come to a very very low LOT.. I can pull it all the way down or even between my legs and still see a kegel.

I’m probably doing something wrong. English isn’t my native language (though I’m not thàt bad at it), so maybe I’m misinterpreting the instructions.

When I kegel, I can see the penis getting pulled into the body, so I’m probably doing that right. I move it down an hour and kegel again, to see if the penis is pulled into the body. While moving the penis down an hour every time, I stretch it lightly.

I dunno what I could be doing wrong.

On a diff note: I’m happy to report my girth has gone up from ~5.25 to ~5.50. It’s not much, but hey: I not only just started, and I’m not doing as much as I should. I’m working on that. Discipline is a difficult thing. I’m thinking of quiting smoking too, would that do any good apart from increased stamina?

On another diff note: Girls, as you already know, can be very cruel. I did a colleague not to long ago, and the bitch was bashing my penis size. I was 6.0/5.25 then. Okay, so I’m no porn star, that I always knew, but it’s not that small. Anyway, she’s bashing it, but still she let me fuck her a second time. Slut. Not very relevant, I know, but it feels good to get it out. It was the reason I started PE, since the (now ex-) girlfriend was always saying it was soooo big (lying bitch)..

I’ve been doing upward stretches for a week or two now, but sometimes I’m afraid I’m pulling to hard. Should I be more careful?

I just thought of something: wouldn’t it be better to focus on on girth first, since it’s already not that bad, and growing (as oppose to my length)?

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I was also wondering the same thing. Sorry about the LOT question.

Hey guys,

Why do you think your doing it wrong?

As long as you slightly tug out and kegel, then you should be doing the test right. You might just be one of the unfortunate few who are born with low/loose ligaments. In this case, stretch up. Raise your LOT. And then stretch down.

- remek

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It’s only “unfortunate” if you believe the LOT theory is true.

New guys should start using the Newbie routine without worrying about LOT.

Thanks for the replies guys. I found a thread that seems to explain it much better under main member forum LOT test,movement of head and ligs. I guess your lot is where your gland fails to move from a kegel not the base, or the base causing the skin to move the gland. I find like in the example if you stretch a little, very gently, you can really feel where the gland no longer tugs back. For example mine went from 6 because of the base moving the whole penis to 8.5 when the gland fails to tugback. The reason I was questioning it in the first place was only after a couple of PE sessions my ligaments were a little sore from stretching which didnt make sense if they were loose already.

I found out I was doing something wrong

8" NBPEL or die trying.

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