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Lost weight, need to help

Originally Posted by MDC

Update on the treatment: about 25% of the spots have slight bruising now.

any loss in fat amount?

I don’t think you’d expect anything but some swelling one day after the first treatment. It seems like the fat around my waist might be a little softer feeling than before, but it’s hard to say for sure.

I just finished the 2nd set, 3 days after the first. I was going to wait longer, but since there was basically no discomfort, and only 3 slight bruises left, I decided to go ahead. The bodybuilders I’ve read about spaced theirs 3-5 days apart.

I measured before treating, and all caliper measurments were up 1mm except for three. The pubic pad was down 3mm on one side while up 1mm on the other, and my love handles(flanks) were down 8 and 9mm on each side(measured 12” from navel).

I did 10ml total this time which is a total of 50 .2ml injections. 1.8ml to the pubic pad, 1.6ml to each flank, and 5ml to the abs. I seem to be feeling more discomfort this time, but it’s still mild.

The only surprise is that the measurments on thelove handles went down much more than a measuring error could account for. The fat does feel softer than before in all places that were treated.

I’ve been reading up in the BB forums, and it seems the people who were suffering swelling most were those that did 0.5ml per inject. I think the 0.2ml makes much more sense.

I’m wondering if it’ll have any positive effect on cholesterol too. Couldn’t hurt erectile function.

MDC, did you check your PM yet?

Did the third treatment this morning. Caliper measurments were about the same except the ab fat was down 4mm on each side of my navel(2” away). The fat pad above the penis feels noticably softer than before the first, but still measures about the same. I think the results won’t be known until after the treatments and swelling are done.

I used .1ml per inject this time and spaced them a little closer than before. I also expanded the treated area. 10ml total used(1.8ml to pubic pad).

Any results lately? I’m skinny now.. But my dad was fat, so that may be in store for me. I’m VERY afraid of needles.. VERY. But I’d really like to take preventative measures. We’re the bruises or swellings long-lasting?

I will be taking measurments, and doing the fourth treatment tonight. My midsection is definitely looking better, even though the tape measure hasn’t shown a reduction yet.

I’m not saying it’s painless, but it hasn’t been bad at all. Bruising and swelling has been minimal for me. Of the approximately 100 I did for the third treatment, about 5 of them got a faint bruise which clears up in about a week.

It’s not really meant as a preventative treatment. But if you have pockets of fat, it should reduce them. Results should be long-lasting if you don’t gain signifigant weight.

Here’s the fourth treatment update. Almost all of the caliper measurments were down 2mm from the last measurments six days ago, and my sucked in waist measurment was down maybe .5 inches. The three pubic pad caliper readings were 18, 18, and 12mm (20,20, and 14 last time). I used 10ml total of the phosphatidylcholine solution using .1ml injections…1.8ml to the pubic pad, 5ml to the abs, 2.4ml to the love handles, and .8ml to another location.

Fifth treatment today, which marks the end of my purchased PC supply. The 1/2” loss in waist measurment is definite now. Caliper measurments weren’t too much different from a week ago, some up some down.

The biggest difference so far is that the fat bulges less and is definitely a softer texture. Another couple of weeks should show a better result. I really should be working out in addition to this.

Thanks for the updates. :)

Here’s my two week post 5th treatment results.

I’m up 5-6 pounds bodyweight since the first treatment Oct 29, from 171 to 176, thanks to halloween candy and Thanksgiving!

Pubic fat: Fat pad measurments with the caliper have gond from 22mm to 17mm on one side and from 20 to 16 on the other. Immediately above the penis, the measurment went from 15mm to 12mm. I don’t have a lot of fat there, but still lose 3/4” inch NBP.

Abdominal fat: Caliper measurments were taken 2, 6, and 12 inches on either sides of the navel. No injections were done at the 6” area, but were at the other points.
at 2” the caliper read 35mm on both sides, and now reads 26mm on both sides
at 6” the measurments went from 15mm to 12mm on both sides.
at 12”(love handles) the measurments dropped from 50mm to 34mm on the right side, and from 45mm to 32mm on the left.

My waist measurment at the navel wend from 36.5” to 36” relaxed, and from 33.5” to 32” sucked in. It definitely looks better, and less bulgy especially at the love handles.

I’d say that spot reduction is not a myth in this case. For those with subcutaneous fat hiding their penis, phosphatidylcholine injections would likely help.

You’ve gained weight but you’ve lost pubic fat…Wow

Originally Posted by MDC

Pubic fat: Fat pad measurments with the caliper have gond from 22mm to 17mm on one side and from 20 to 16 on the other. Immediately above the penis, the measurment went from 15mm to 12mm. I don’t have a lot of fat there, but still lose 3/4” inch NBP.

Uh, holy shit…:-k

Wow o.o nice job. I really want the stuff now, but it still sounds scary

I recently found out that phosphatidylcholine is not the primary agent that gets rid of fat cells. The fat cell necrosis is apparently caused by sodium deoxycholate that’s a common ingredient in the phosphatidylcoline mesotherapy meds.

Inspired by this info, I went to a Brazilian meso site and purchased some 10ml vials of 2% deoxycholate, which arrived yesterday.

The short version of the rest is that I injected 4.5ml(.1ml*45) into the pubic fat and used the remaining 5.5ml in the first bottle on my worst patch of ab fat (also using .1ml injections).

Have you gone further in this? UpdatE?


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