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Lost weight, need to help

I just spent a few minutes over at animal. That’s absolutely brilliant. MDC, when will you be getting your kit? I am very curious about this. Running and exercising is proving to be just as painful as sticking myself with needles all over the place, I think. But at least the needles would have a faster, lazier, effect.

What gauge are meso needles? Do you change needle every couple of injects, or use the same one for the session (assuming the needles are detachable that is).

I know that 31g pins are absolutely painless (and I do mean absolutely), but not sure what they’d be like after a 4 or 5 skin punctures. From what I’ve read the pain is not in the injects though, but the tenderness for a few days after.

Are you going to shave the area? Do you have alcohol swabs?

Sorry for so many questions, but I’m very interested to hear how you get on.

I’m getting 30GA, 6mm meso needles. It should be fairly painless to stick myself, and I won’t be able to go deeper than I need to by accident. My plan is to inject .2ml every inch, or maybe 2cm depending on how it maps out.

My current plan is to trim the hair to 1/4”, and clean thoroughly with either alcohol or some other antibiotic wash. I’d rather not shave since the regrowth from that isn’t fun, and it will be easier to see the effects of the meso without the normal shaving complications present.

The other areas that I’d like to treat are more important to me, but this thread thread pushed me to go ahead and do it. I think I could gain 1/2”NBP, or maybe more with 3-4 treatments.

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Update on everything..

The phosphatidylcholine will be here Monday according to the DHL tracking info. You can google “mesostabyl” for the one I ordered and the site’s on the first page of hits when you do.

The meso needles haven’t shipped accoridng to their website, and the syringes will be here in a few more days.

I purchased some betadine for cleaning purposes.

Surprisingly I got the needles today and the PC came yesterday as expected. All I need is the other item before I can go for some DIY spot reduction. I’ll also need to pick up something else to put the PC in (sterile cups or something like that) once I figure out how to properly open the AMP vial.

I think that one fat cells (adipose cells) are created they don’t die easily. They only shrink but can absorb huge amounts of fat from the blood stream. The abdomen has a whole lot of blood vessels, especially peripheral blood vessels thats why adipose tissue grows there. I don’t know anything about that kind of therapy but I think if you can’t balance your caloric needs and caloric intake then mechanical (surgical) removal is the only thing that can get rid of adipose cells.

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I’m just reading this thread for the first time. I don’t know what this meso stuff is or what you intend to use. No matter.

A comment: If you’re going to test something, make damn sure you construct a precise measurement method and employ it before (and for long enough before to establish a baseline as well as the degree of consistency of your chosen measuring method), during, and after the protocol.

I agree with hobby. :)

Looking forward to the results. :D

(oh, hey, I lost over 6 pound from running recently!)

I’ll do what I can to make some accurate measurments before getting started.

Well, I measured using a caliper and started my treatments today.

at the thickest it measured 22mm on the right side, and 20mm on the left. In the middle it was about 15mm. I also measured my fat pad on my abs and love handles, and at their thickest they were 35mm and 50mm according to the caliper.

The Phosphatidylcholine I got is called Mesostabyl made in Brazil, and it’s strength is 300mg/5ml.

I ended up using 2 AMPs (10ml) because I spilled 2 ml of the first one because of some carelessness. Each injection was .2ml. 1.6ml went into my pubic pad, 4ml into the ab fat, and 1.2 into each flank.

How did it feel? Painful? Not so painful? Did ya shave? Details! :)

I got rid of the hair a few days ago, but I don’t think it matters. I scrubbed the area with the betadine just in case.

It didn’t really hurt at all. It ranged from almost no sensation to a slight prick. A few of them bled, but not more than a small drop. Today, other than a few red dots, there’s not much evidence that anything happened.

I’m reading more about lipostabil (which this is commonly referred to) on some bodybuilding sites to see if I need to adjust anything. Seems like most get bruising and discomfort for the first couple of days. There was one guy that said he used .4ml per injection(5ml total per treatment) and went from 44” waist to 36.5” after 5 treatments. That’s almost unbelievable but I guess it could happen.

If those results are true I will definitely be doing this.

I had the idea of using this for a while too, but not before I do the right thing and get my fat level down the natural way - two shovels of DNP per hour (Kidding!!).

Did I read somewhere that PC kills fat cells? Perhaps that was something else, but I know it was on the animal forum. I’m gonna have to buy something from him because I really miss that forum.

Without looking it up, I believe that PC causes fat cells to release their contents and shrink down to low BF% levels.

When I measured my fat thickness, it’s fairly low to the sides of the abs, around 15mm. My main concerns were the stupid pads from just below the navel going up, and the love handles/lower back. There are small patches under my arms (in front of the lats) that I will also treat if this part goes well.

My waist measurment was 36.5” fully relaxed without pushing out, and 33.5” sucked in. I’d love to see those go down several inches.

My pubic pad isn’t that thick according to my measurments, but I’ll continue treating to see if it reduces for you all ;)

Update on the treatment: about 25% of the spots have slight bruising now.


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