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Lost size; help needed

Lost size; help needed

So today I took out a ruler and measured my dick, and what I saw terrified me and brought lots of unpleasant thoughts to my mind. My dick went from just slightly under 7 BP to 6.8. What do you guys suggest I do? I wasn’t undertraining, and I don’t think I was overtraining either. My routine was 15 minutes light erection jelqing and 12 minutes basic stretching, and I worked it up to this over a three month period. Should I take a short brake? What should I do if even after the break the lost lenght doesn’t come back? I’m really worried about all of this. Thanks in advance for all your responses.

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Your level of erection can fluctuate, don’t worry about it, you’ll probably be back to what you were tomorrow or in a few days. Always measure more than once over a few days to know what your real normal measurement is.

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Yeah, one thing I’ve learned to do is put away the ruler regardless of how tempting it is and measure every two weeks when I’m in a good, happy, excited mood. I came up with this from inconsistent measurements that I knew had something to do with the way I was feeling each time I measured. Some guys only measure every month but I’m not that patient. I also only claim to be a size when I have stayed that same size the next time I measure. Otherwise I’d be just setting myself up for disappointment.

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Lately, I’ve been hitting the gym a lot more often, without the use of a wrap. Could the turtling caused by this have caused this?

Keep hitting the gym and stay on your PE routine. You said you’re neither under or overtraining, so no worries. For the sake of clarity, though, when did you measure 7.0?

Look retard, I’ve also gained and lost size over the course of my career. Keep in mind that the penis is designed to change size.


Your probably retaining a little water which will give you a thicker fat pad.

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Originally Posted by retard
..what I saw terrified me and brought lots of unpleasant thoughts to my mind. My dick went from just slightly under 7 BP to 6.8.

6.8 is just slightly under 7 - it could be the difference from sitting or standing at a different angle or a 90% hard-on compared to a 100% boner. Seriously, take a ruler and study the size of 0.2”, it’s the thickness of a foreskin. It’s not worth worrying about unless you’re talking half-inch losses.

If you’re still in doubt, take 3 measurements through the week and take an average. A lot can depend on when you measure - pre PE, post PE, morning, night etc. Try to find a consistent time and sitiuation for measurement.

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