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Lost my motivation.

Lost my motivation.

Hi guys,

I am not a newbie when it comes to PE, I have been on and of for the last couple of years. I used a pretty consistent (but progressive) routine last year, and I had some small gains which was very exciting.
The last half a year, however, I have been very busy finishing my education, hence the PE’ing has been put aside. I can see that I have lost some gains, but not all.

My problem is that I’m starting a new job this February (which is good, sure!) and I can’t seem to find out how I should start up my PE’ing again. It’s really frustrating to know that I might loose all my hard work if I don’t get back to it, but I have just lost my motivation. I am desperate for your guys to help support me to start up again whit a routine that is realistic for my schedule.

Beforehand, I PE’ed in the morning for 30-40 minutes. That will not be possible from now on, since I have to leave home at 6 o’clock to catch my train. I will be home in the afternoon at 6 pm, and I find it a little hard to take out 40 minutes in the evening because I have many things to do and a wife to spend time with as well. :)
I have 2,5 hours per day in the train and using this time for PE’ing would be perfect - if I was alone on the train. ;) I can use the train’s bathroom, but not for longer than 10 minutes I guess.

I have been thinking on making a good ADS to wear at work and maybe some sort of clamping/cock ring session in the afternoon, where I can do other things in the meantime. In the weekends I will be able to have some longer sessions.

What do you guys think? How can I regain my motivation for this and how do I continue my progress?

Thanks a lot in advance, I appreciate this community so much.


As I read correct, You are after 6-month PE break. If so, start with Newbie Routine or Linear Newbie Routine.

If it’s too much or You don’t want to do this, I suggest 5mins jelq morning and evening and as much as You can stretching (but start from, let’s say, 10mins daily).

I hope that’s all. You have to be creative to invent routine which fits for the lifestyle, so good luck.

My personal experience is something could be called vacation routine which includes 5 min dry, U-grip jelq every day with piss pulls and occasionally edging. I’m seeing gains with it.

I think that many many of us have gone through varying stages of “activity” in our PE careers. Life happens. As long as you’ve got desires to keep in the game there’ll be ways you can achieve it.

Big-Picture: PE isn't life!! It’s fun and engaging and interesting and can be rewarding, but relationships, and education, and living in general are of so much more importance than pulling on your penis. Be patient.

I know that you were asking about ways to keep in the game, but I’m just hoping you’ll keep this all in perspective.

:_pump: :donatecar

Thanks for your response, guys - I appreciate it!

Tidio: Can you explain the you-grip for me? I have tried to find out the correct way to do it, but I’m not totally sure yet. What about your piss-pulls, are they like Jais or stretching pulls?

Clgp7: Yeah, I guess you’re right. PE is not so important in the bigger picture but it does infect my personal confidence. My fiancee loves my penis as it is and she doesn’t really get why I want to chance it, but being average is just not very satisfying for me. We are getting married this summer and I have just finished my engineering education with A+, so I shouldn’t complain about life. ;) I just want to feel more “in sync” with my penis again, if you understand what I mean.

You-grip =Ugrip

Dry jelqing - WOW. (p. 2) and another one- I recommend reading Marinera’s and Tom’s posts.

If this hasn’t clarified I try to explain:

-get some plumped- I do at about 40-60 and sometimes 80% erect
-get the position of hand as the thumb and point finger are parallel and the whole hand is forming something like “U”, but inverted.
-dry jelq with 3-5 second for every stroke

This is how in general I do it. It expands corpus cavernosum really good, but there are little or no expansion in CS (there is in fact, but at 70+% erection). Feel the chambers expand.

It’s similar to “shaft pulls” described by Tom Hubbard. Take a look at it at some of his threads or his site.

Maybe this will help.

Edit: something got wrong with links.

Threads I am talking about is “How to jelq” and “Dry jelqing- WOW”.

You can do kegels all day with varying frequency just about anywhere and anytime. If you have 10 minutes in the bathroom, you can do multi-angled stretches as well as a few pinch-pulls (see Tom’s 3-step exercise

PE'ing since 11/1/13. It's never too late to begin!



I treat my PE routine just like my exercise routine, if I don’t do it I won’t see results. Plus I know with PE results are slow and minimal but you just have to keep at it.

Beginning 12/17/13 BPEL: 13.97 (5.5") EG: 12.2 (4.8")

Current 06/14/14 BPEL: 17.3 (6.811") EG: 13.3 (5.24")

Goal the Perfect Penis BPEL: 19.1 (7.5") EG: 15.25 (6")

Wake up an hour earlier.

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