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Lost a little, gains are stagnant

Lost a little, gains are stagnant

Hey everybody, I’m not sure if I’m making gains.

I’m more or less on the newbie routine, doing more stretching. I stretch and do BTC fowfers every night, with a couple break days, and I don’t think I’m making any progress.

For a while, I was a little above 6” (maybe 6.2) but now I’m back down to hovering right around 6 and going under 6 some of the time. And nothing I do seems to be helping.

My EQ hasn’t really changed, though.

Any thoughts?

How long have you been doing the routine? Once I went under my starting length it freaked me out, and I still don’t know what did it, but I later gained a bunch and it was okay :) .

Hope that helps a little bit.

About a month or so.


I had the same effect happening to me. I P.Eed constantly for a month, took a 5 days off. Then when I measured I found out I lost my gains.

I think these thing happens to some of us perhaps we have been doing it too hard.
Now, I am on a 2 days on and 1 off.


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Most of my PIs are pretty positive and neutral, except for the fact that I’m not gaining, and I even seem to be losing length.

So I don’t think PI’s can help me figure this out, because they’re all good and nothing seems to be going wrong, I’m just losing gains or not gaining anything at all.

Can you describe your routine, in detail?

Take a break, I would say that you are over working but you didn’t say how often you do your routine.

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Oh, sorry guys.

I do about 3 minutes of pure straight up stretching every night, but usually not that long. Sometimes I do BTC fowfers, but not too often. I’m mainly trying to go for lig stretching, but, oddly enough, I’m losing gains. I do my exercises in the shower, and.that’s about it.

Be patient and be aware of overwork.

Thanks for all the replies, everybody, but I’m not sure it’s overworking. EQ hasn’t changed at all, for example.

Hey all, so I’ve definitely lost about a half inch, and I still have no clue why. Anybody know how long it should take for me to make up these gains?

If your EQ hasn’t changed, then you are probably doing too much. If you were in the zone, your EQ should have IMPROVED!

There are guys like yourself that have pretty strong dicks, so it takes a lot to cause decreased EQ , yet shortening is a definite neg PI. I suggest take a week off, see if your length returns to normal. Also pay attention to your EQ, if it improves during the layoff, it is a strong indicator of having been doing too much.

In general, I believe most shortening or shrinking is due to the smooth muscle contracting from too much trauma, rarely contraction of the connective tissues unless you are using really high forces. The smooth muscle will recover fairly quickly and size will return during the layoff.

If your EQ improves during the layoff, then when you restart your routine, make sure you can regain your best EQ within at least one day layoff from PE. If it takes more than that you might consider decreasing your workout, or you will have to go to one on and two off.

The point is you must return to excellent EQ before you hit it again or you will begin to go backward. Shrinkage is a definite neg PI and indicates you are doing too much. (make sure you are accurate with your measurement, I recommend bpfl at 90 degrees straight out…bpel is too subject to EQ to be dependable)

I suggest when you begin again, either cut your work out in half or go to one on one off, or two off. The real trick is to get improved EQ before you start doing too much, because then you have a real reference point as to where you are at on a day to day basis.

Once you get good at reading your EQ, you will never get too far off track, because you will see right away if you need more rest before you hit it again.

I suggest reading my EQ thread linked at the bottom of this post if you haven’t.

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