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Losses WTF

Losses WTF

After hitting my 8 week and counting plateau I decided to switch to some girth exercises in hopes that the change would be exactly what I needed. I just measured and to my horror my length and girth both decreased .1”, putting me at 6.6 BPEL and 4.4 EG. My girth is now back to where I began over a year ago and my length where I was 5 months ago. Now, I just bought a new ruler and maybe it’s a bit more accurate than the measuring tape, but the girth should have at LEAST stayed the same from the way I measure it. I measured the girth about five times to make sure I was believing my own eyes. Here’s the routine I’ve been doing:

(2 on 1 off)
Morning: warm up 10 min
5 10-sec. Manual stretches all directions
Warm down 10 min

Evening: warm up 10 min
100 wet jelqs
5 min fowfers
5 Uli’s 30 sec.
10 min warm down

I haven’t had any reason to think that my dick was suffering from this.. In fact, my flaccid hang has been doing better and I could get my erections so hard that my glans would hurt from the internal blood pressure. My morning woods haven’t been stupendous but they were still there, a step up from my pre-PE ED.

This doesn’t make any fucking sense. Can anyone help me out here? Seriously, I’m beginning to become a PE hater.

Negative Indicator.

It’s a sign you may be over doing it a bit, even if you don’t think so or feel as if you are. Personally, I can give myself a good work out and feel fine about it. Afterwards however, my unit can shrink up and I can even lose some erection quality. Give it 24 or 48 hours and it’s back better than before. Also if you just switched over to girth exercises, as you expand width, length may shorten somewhat. There is much debate on this subject but the defense has always been to think of what happens to a limp balloon as you stretch it in different directions.

Also do a search on some of the following:

Negative PI’s
Girth verses length threads
Over conditioning
Some of the injuries threads
Time off threads

Many of the above threads will contain postings similar to the one you made. Different members issues with it, what may have caused it, what they did about it, and other members input as well. There has been much debate on this topic and what could be considered very similar topics.

The more reading you can do around here, the better informed you’re going to be about it.

I was gonna say, RootCap's hot. - kitten

Hi Rootcap,
If I had gained girth but lost length that would be a different issue, but I lost BOTH. I figured the morning routine would counteract that balloon effect anyways, a la Mem’s routine. Also, I’ve read the positive and negative PI’s thread a thousand times, and theoretically it makes sense, but the problem is this great idea came out during the middle of my plateau, so I wasn’t able to look down and say “Oh, so that’s what I need to keep an eye out for when I’m gaining.” It’s more back to a wild goose chase regarding how much PE I should do, and what PE. I know, losses are the ultimate negative indicator, but if a great post-workout flaccid hang and above-average erections mean my dick is going to shrink then what the heck am I supposed to be looking for?? Furthermore, I doubt I am overdoing it because my current routine is basically a step down from what I’ve been doing previously.

In addition to doing tons of reading over the past month to the point of obsession, I’ve been PMing numerous members I highly respect and find inspirational about my situation. With all due respect to the members though, I’ve basically been given all kinds of conflicting advice, such as “I am working too hard,” “I’m kidding myself if I haven’t gained in 2 months and I gotta step it up,” “The fact that my BPFSL is shorter than my BPEL means I have tight ligs,” “the fact that I have great erections means my tunica is my limiting factor,” and “I should get started on girth now to catch up with my length ratio,” on and on.

My advice would be to take 2-4 weeks off completely. Let the unit relax. No kegels either. Then get back into it slow. Say 5 minutes stretch and 5 minutes jelq. Lots of warm ups and warm downs. Sounds like your unit is tightening up on you. I am on a decon right now and my unit is relaxing and loosening up finally going into my 3rd week right now of decon. It feels good. I am getting back the excitement again to PE. Sounds like you might want to do that so you do not end up hating PE.

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Anyone else think my routine is screaming overtraining?

I am an idiot.

I put an 3x5 index card up to my new ruler, and it read a little under 4.875”. Turns out these old school wooden cheap-o rulers don’t actually BEGIN until about .125” up on the wood itself. I haven’t used one of these since like elementary school..

I guess that means I am about the same erect size and a little bigger flaccid size. Maybe my plateau is actually ending!

This thread might be entirely pointless now. Hey in other news I found $200 on the ground the other day.

Maybe taking a week or two rest and getting back into your routine after that wouldn’t be a bad idea.

If your lossing, then it’s not your routine thats doing the screaming it’s your dick thats screaming “HELP, this guy is killing me”

Then 01/15/08 EBPL: 6.25 EG 5.10 Now 10/05/09 EBPL 7.75 EG 5.25 Girth work for 103 days.

New Short Term Goal: EBPL 8.0 EG 5.5 Lifetime goal 9x6.5 PE log and journal

I think it’s the Ulis, I think they are extremely hard on your unit

Well, congrats on not losing your gains in that case. And I wish I found 200 bucks, I could use it.

The PI’s never lie people..
For the first time in quite a while, I woke up with a REAL morning wood. I was getting them before, but they were usually pretty half-assed. This one kept the tent raised pretty well. It was measuring day today..
It looks like I FINALLLLY broke my 10 week plateau!
For the first time I hit 6.875” BPEL. I can’t believe it!

However, there is a slight problem, hence the post in my “Losses WTF” thread. Now my EG really IS at 4.4,” even with the .1” discrepancy on my ruler.

That’s kind of funny, because my whole program was actually meant to target girth. That doesn’t make sense, because my thunderstick certainly looks and feels a bit bigger than before.

Anyone have any ideas? My routine is listed in the first post. I’m guessing perhaps the stretches hit some ligs that are still relatively tight, and that maybe my night routine is a bit rough, maybe lower the erection levels on the jelqs a bit? I’m not doing 100% erect jelqs, but maybe even 80% is way too high. Is there a girth program that DOESN’T beat up your dick?


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