Loss wieght increase length

By the way My weight is 65 kg and i think
my bones are not heavy but i have fats
And also my weight increase from 60 to
67 but Now I m 65 kg and I m working on it to loss all my fat but how u people know that percentage of body fat Also I started my P.E with a length of BPEL 5.5”
and NBPEL 5” And now after 3 months and 20 days my current size is
BPEL= 6.25”

NBPEL= 5.5” So thats why i want to loss my fat to reach 6” NBPEL and I still doing my PE exercises but i want to hit 6” NBPEL so thats why i m asking
is this possible that i hit my goal and I dont want a huge gain If I reach to 6.5” NBPEL so I will be happy forever and I will be very very thankfull to you peoples pls give me reply …….