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Loss of sensitivity from jelqing?

Loss of sensitivity from jelqing?

My question is if it is possible to lose some sensitivity of your dick from applying jelqs (which will eventually lead up to worse EQ) ? Do you think that jelqing could kill nerve cells? With loss of sensitivity I mean permanent loss of sensitivity… I have PE’d for 3 months now and haven’t seen something like that, but kinda got worried about it so can you share your personal experience with long term jelqing?

Me question refers to proper jelqing, not danger one.

I do have the same question, let’s see what the experienced say. In my case at the beginning I jelqed for almost 20 min and kinda aggressive. I even did Ulis when I got erections. I lost a bit of sensitivity. And also from stretching on the gland.. Now I just jelq for 15 min and normal grip and 10 min stretch before. It seems to be good now.

I think I got that solved for me! Actually the nerve cells themselves are in the brain, and these are the only critical part of the whole systems. Axons, which are responsible for the impulses, have the ability to regenerate, so there is no danger for permanent injuries from proper jelqing in my opinion. Basically our boides are resistent and are able to heal from way more serious injuries, such as burns, hits and even a cut part of your body could be sewed and successfully saved, so that the sensitivity is not lost, otherwise we would have been senseless creatures after couple of hits during childhood. This is of course not the case for brain/spinal injuries…

So I think that you can temporarily encounter some loss of sensitivity, but nothing critical in the long term, after a recovery break. To avoid even that, use a lot of lube and be gentle with your dick. I never felt pain after PE session and my sensitivity has always been good… Anyways could not say the same about rough sex for example. After 5+ cums with couple of hours spent fucking, especially with a condom on, my dick is super insensitive, but after 2-3 days it’s again okay. So I think there is nothing to worry about, but would love to hear the opinion and experience of some vets.

Thanks for the info. Sometimes I think being rough and applying a lot of strength in my workout will be more effective since I believe my body can heal it fastly. However day after day this can maybe lead to complication. You right, I better be gentle, just like if it was a nice girl haha. How are you doing btw? I am doing 5 on 2 off, 10 min stretch, 15 min jelq and warm up and down. Regards man

Hi there. I don’t know if this is going to be of direct value, as it doesn’t relate to jelqing, but I throw it out anyway. I had some penis sensitivity issues some time ago, and a friend suggested I try Man1 Man Oil, which I did. For me, it really worked and worked great. You can try it and see what it does for you.

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