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Loss of erection quality after jelqing

Loss of erection quality after jelqing

I did jelqing for about two weeks, I then stayed away for a few months but started last week again I had some experience when I started again so I started with 15 minutes jelq and 10 minutes basic stretches plus 5 minutes warm up. I did that Friday the Saturday I noticed my penis was a bit sore gave it rest till Sunday then redid my routine but went until 18 minutes of intense jelq when I wanted to continue Monday my penis felt sore as well. I then left it but also noticed I don’t get erections at all. I get aroused but not erections. I only get erections when I play with it but not for long. Any help please.

You need to take time off. Your dick is telling you that you overdid it. Don’t do any PE until it resumes normal functions and behavior. It’s not permanently broken, just tired. And when you start back up again, lower the intensity.

Thanks so much for your help. Okay I haven’t jelq since then will wait till the time is right. It’s that I never know if I’m gripping tight enough an I guess I gripped too tight.

I actually got girth gains from those two sessions. I haven’t masturbated or had sex since before I started helping again. Like I said I get erections when I play with it for a while, is masturbation or sex okay in this time while healing?

I have a couple of questions; At what erection percentage are you doing your jelqing sessions and how hard are you pulling during your basic stretches? I would suggest you start doing some edging sessions with kegeling to help restore circulation to your penis, start with 30 mins; this has the added benefit into helping you cement your gains. :-)

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If you are starting up after a break of a few months, you are a ‘newbie’ again, as far as your penis is concerned. You need to start again at the beginning; 18 minutes jelqing is far too much to start back with.. Rest it back to normal function then start again as though you had never done PE before.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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I had my election percentage at 70 to 80 percent, but the election percentage varies during sessions so some below 70 as well but mostly 70 percent. As for stretching I stretched at full force. Will definitely do that starting tomorrow.

Yeah I guess I got carried away after I saw bits of the Matters of Size program, after seeing what that guy was doing I just figured my penis could handle a lot of stress. Now I see the important of slowly progressing. Important lesson learn.

Thanks everyone for the help, useful information and the support.

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