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Losing weight and glans health

Losing weight and glans health

Whenerver I’m in my normal eating/drinking cycle my glans is partically red (not very dark red) and I normally have a white spot or some red cuts that most often screscent-shaped. I haven’t paid attention to it, because glans doesn’t bleed and doesn’t stop erection. I also often have scars outside the foreskin, which appears and disappears in a self-repeating cycle.

But whenever I start losing weight, but my glans look normal, isn’t red and have no cuts and have smegma. The different is apparent always within few days after I start losing weight. The scars on the foreskin also disppears.

It must have something to do with I eat, since I drink the same drinks I always drink. Only difference is that drink a lot less milk, but I don’t cut boozing at all, so that can’t be the reason. I don’t look that much what I eat, I only count calories and don’t care how much sugar, carbohydrates and fat it contais, because counting only calories seems to work. I think biggest reduction comes from sugar, since I cut chocolate bars and drinks that have sugar in it, which probably means I’m getting carbohydrates too.

Glans would probably change quickly back to same if started to eat like I normally do, but as long as I keep losing by eating less and moving, glans is fine.

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