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Losing weight and gains

Losing weight and gains

I know it varies from person to person but approximately how much weight should be lost for 1/2 inch gain in length? People who lost weight please write down your experience, how much weight you lost for 1/2 inch or 1 inch gain in length, thanks

I have lost some fat in the last few months, but my fat pad has stayed the same. It continues to hover around 1/3 of an inch.

For me at least, fat on gut and fat pad seems relatively unrelated.

I lost 24 pounds since Christmas 2006. Weight that was gained from taking insulin. My bpel is 8.25” and has remained about that. But my BPEL went from 7.75” to 8”NBP

So there was quarter inch gain there. Altogether I lost almost 90 lbs. I weighed 275 lbs in 1995 and reduced to 185 pounds, kept it that way for ten years. Then when I was DX’d with diabetes the medications caused weight gain.

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For me at least, I tend to lose fat pad last. I have lost about 25 pds over last year, and gained MAYBE 1/4” in NBP length(my pad is around 3/4” now.)

BUT, I know that the next 15 pds or so will net me more return than the initial 25 pds. If that makes sense.

I think that Dr Oz guy said something like 30 pds = 1 inch.

It’s all in the genes as far as fat storage. Seems like there have been skinny/low body fat guys with 1” fat pads on here. I feel for ‘em.

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