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Losing sensitivity

Losing sensitivity

Was just wondering if any of you guys are having the same experience or whether I am exercising too much and damaging my nerves.

I have noticed that the intensity of my orgasm has gone down drastically. When I talk about intensity I mean I
Used to get a body shivering orgasm prior to PE. Now the orgasms feel a bit more dull. The only reason I can think of is that the nerves are losing their sensitivity.

Is this something I should worry about or is it something normal that everyone experiences when doing PE

Originally Posted by coldgarb
it something normal that everyone experiences when doing PE

My sensitivity is same.

I have noticed my orgasm quality is never the same and sort of fluctuates. What PE excercises do you do?

It is very possible to damage your nerves, I have done it, but I believe it is only temporarily since the feeling is starting to come back to normal. Do you notice any decrease in glans sensitivity?

Yeah! I experienced the same when I got injured though I don’t exactly know if it was from intense jelqing or from my stretching routine. I just freaked out one day because my penis was numb except for the glans. Whenever I jack off, I couldn’t feel anything so I always had to stimulate my glans because it was the only part that was sensitive. So whenever I cum, it wasn’t as intense and pleasurable as before because in the first place I wasn’t turned on because I know something was wrong with my penis. I didn’t know what to do that time and I was deeply depressed. Basically, what I did was to stop doing PE altogether. It stayed that way for 4 months but now I’m totally back to normal. Everything is great now so all in all, it took me 6 months to regain my full sensitivity and that’s without doing any PE.

What routine do you normally do? And how long have you been feeling low sensitivity? Please do write back!

Sorry for the late reply. I was away for a while.

I follow the newbie routine plus some sadsak slinky

Hmm, it’s really hard to tell who the culprit is, only you can tell. Listen to what your body tells you. I believe you should not lose sensitivity when doing PE properly. Try to take a break for two weeks and see if anything changes. Don’t worry too much, everything will go back to normal, just lay it off for some time. Then, take it easier next time.

Thank you Absolute. Yes I will take a break for a couple of weeks and see if things improve

You might also be de-sensitizing yourself? Your dick is so used to being rubbed and touched, but not to full arousal, that when you have sex or jack off it’s not getting as turned on. There’s also a lot of variables. Sometimes I cum harder alone, sometimes harder with the gf. I think you can take a small break, but keep all the other factor’s that lead you to orgasm in mind (mental, visual, audible, etc).

Jelq, ADS, repeat.

Final Goal: 8EL x 6.2


Originally Posted by coldgarb

Thank you Absolute. Yes I will take a break for a couple of weeks and see if things improve

Yeah. No problem! I’ve been there and done that. Everything will be okay. And yes, tell us what happens after your break. :)

Only time this happens to me is when I do kegels, period. My body responds poorly to them and when I don’t do them for weeks I can actually last much longer. Strange stuff.

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