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Losing my virginity


Losing my virginity

Hey everyone,

I just have some questions and insecurities about losing my virginity. I’m 18 and I have been with my girlfriend for 11 months now and she said (finally) that she thinks she’s ready to have sex with me! Obviously when I first heard this I was over the moon, but now I am a bit scared because I don’t want to let her down or anything, my penis is 5.11 so I’m really insecure about my size and how long I can last or just how the whole ordeal will turn out so any works or wisdom would be really appreciated. Thanks!

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5 inches is not bad at all. Don’t worry about your size. I would read up on different foreplay techniques and stuff, I guess.

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You shouldn’t worry if she also is a virgin.

I’m about to have sex with a virgin and I’m kinda scared that my 7 x 5.5 unit would be too much for her and cause pain/discomfort.

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Lick her pussy right before you fuck her.

5.11 inches should be nothing to worry about if she is a virgin. Relax and just do your moves. Have fun too and don’t get too nervous :)

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Originally Posted by Superdrive
I’m really insecure about my size and how long I can last

Wank off about an hour before sex, preferably with some lotion.should give you some more stamina.
Also go slow, for women devirginizing I not a pretty deal. Start with fingers.. One then two before you plunge in!

Most importantly have fun.that’s what sex is :D

Take it nice and easy and dont be in a rush to get inside her.

Most women like foreplay and lots of it…

A footrub or massage, some candle lit enviroment etc. and you are in business :)

Many women (but not all) need these kind of things to get those juices flowing and get in the right state of mind.

You have to prepare and warm her up; its kind of like warming up a car in a cold winter.

Dont worry if the first time isnt what you thought it might be because it will get better with time.

Expereince will build your confidence level and before you know it…you’ll be doing fine.

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I’m not sure how much you’ve done with a girl, but I remember sex for the first time wasn’t at all what I thought it would be like. Now it’s a little more of what I expected, but that first time everything was such a weird sensation. For example, I remember telling the girl I was with that I would like the girl on top position. When we started having sex, she eventually took over and went on top, but it was not at all what I expected. It’s like I did not anticipate the actual weight of this girl on top of me or something, I don’t know it was just different than I imagined. So my advice would be don’t go in with expectations, just have fun and explore each other.


Thanks everyone, ill give it my best shot and see how it turns out, in the end I just want it to be good for her becuse I don’t want her having any regrets.

Thanks everyone

1st May 2007 - EL 5.11 inches, ie 13 cm


Don’t worry about your size anything like that at all. Her being a virgin, it will still hurt he.. Alot. With my current girlfriend of 1 year just this month on the 18th, I took her virginity with a 5 inch length 4.75 inch girth. She wasn’t able to handle my whole dick, you still gotta take it slow, warm her up. If you comfortable with eating her out. DO SO, trust me she will enjoy it. Stimulate her clit to get the juices flowing then stick 1 finger in her pussy. When you think she’s wet enough then you can stick your dick in but slowly, don’t force it. Your not in a rush! No matter what it’s gonna hurt her and most likely won’t be the best sex she ever had because of the pain, not because your the worst. Just be nice and easy on her which would be the most enjoyable for her since she’s gonna be goin through some pain, which I think your aiming at correct? If you guys are real open, while fingering her or licking her pussy.. Ask her questions about what she likes more, get to know her so the next time your experience with her will be even better because you will know how and what to hit. So the more you have sex the next time would always be better.

The more you focus on her, the less concerned you will be about yourself. Therefore, you will worry less about your dick size, and your ability will become more apparent. Concentrate on making HER feel good. If she has decided to ‘finally’ have sex with you, I’m guessing it’s her first time too, and she is giving you something very special. Make it ‘her’ night. Go slow, be attentive to her, and go with it. You’ll be surprised. Don’t get caught up with techniques, form, performance, etc; because it’s only your first time. Take your mind out of it. Go with your instincts and the rest will just happen.


Originally Posted by Sneak
No matter what it’s gonna hurt her and most likely won’t be the best sex she ever had because of the pain, ..

Actually, it will be the best sex she has ever had because she is a virgin :) I’d recommend after your done to roll on your back beside her, then let out a bit of a sigh and say, “I am amazing.”

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Originally Posted by nick666
Lick her pussy right before you fuck her.

Unless you think that she wouldn’t want to kiss that, a lot of younger girls don’t. If its her first time she probably want to kiss you, so take that into consideration.

Yeah jerking off an hour before probably is a good idea, you should last a little longer, but all guys are nervous as hell before, I know I was.

The best part of this situation is that neither of you should have any expectations since neither of you have any experience. That should settle your nerves right there knowing she will having nothing to compare it to, no expectations, hence no pressure. Dick size shouldn’t be of any importance here. Also, you have had good advice in all of these posts and I like the idea of focusing on her, but I wouldn’t overfocus on making sure she gets everything perfect because you don’t know what that is yet and you will be putting added pressure on yourself. Also, virgins typically have a harder time getting off at first because they dont even know what they like just yet. So just clear your mind and have fun and make sure she has fun too and be extremely attentive to her if she is your g/f and you actually like her. I’m sure she’ll appreciate your sweetness and attentiveness more than your actual skill. You have forever to work on that.

Also, when is D-day? Let us know how everything goes when the deed has been done. Good luck, and have fun.

Yeah, recurring theme pressure. It will be an enjoyable experience if you go into it not expecting too much as that would be greatly unrealistic. For example, as a first-timer I would say the chance of getting her to orgasm is essentially 0% or damn close to it. Especially since she sounds as if she is definitely one to take things slowly. With that being said, don’t go in there expecting to be god’s gift to women, because you won’t be YET, and she won’t be expecting that either I am sure. Just enjoy the moment and have fun.

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