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Losing length, please help


Losing length, please help

I am getting really frustrated. I started PEing early November. Starting was around 5.8-6 X maybe 4.5-5ish. It’s been two months, and so far over the last week it seems I have lost length. I am now down to around 5.5-5.75. Girth has been around 4.75 for a while. I actually have just started a better routine of 20 mins jelq, then in the PM 20 mins stretch. I have been doing this for a while. I don’t understand this and am getting really upset. Can anyone please help me out here? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I think your problem is in your measuring seyz. In your whole post, there is not one definite measurement stated. 5.5-5.75, around 4.75, around 5.8, maybe 4.5-5ish?? What the hell is that? How can you tell if you have lost length with those type of measurements?

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Well, I actually was 6 sometime around mid-late December. I just recently started seeing smaller ones, so I decided to measure today, and there it was 5.5. Girth I am not too worried about because I know I am more girthier(I could feel it). But length I have defiantly lost some.

The last time I actually recorded one down was last week or so and that happened to be the last of my better erections. Which is actually roughly when I started my new routine. Thunders if you think you might have something can I PM you instead of talking here?

Alright, I skimmed over that thread and didn’t find a great deal, BUT this is what I am doing now to try to fix the small erections.

Going 3 ON/1 OFF opposed to 4 ON/1 OFF, doing 15 min jelq/stretch down from 20, and measuring once a weekend to see if I continue to loose.

Think that’ll help?

Ya, you can’t tell if you’ve gained if your length measurement varies so much. Since girth can vary along a shaft, you have to also remember the measurments at each part of it if you intend to see if there have been any gains in those sections. Not everyone gains girth uniformally.

It is also possible that expansion of the tissue girth wise pulls back length. Which is evident in how much longer ones flaccid stretch length is compared to erect length. Although I’ve seen many claim that their flaccid stretch is shorter than erect. I just don’t see how thats possible :) probably that person is pulling their fat pad and skin out. For flaccid stretch i make sure i get the scrotum on pubic bone sorta deal.

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I think what will help is to wait two days after your last workout. Get some damn good measurement. Not kinda, sorta, around type measurements. Write the measurements down, then hide the ruler for a month. After a month, and two days after your last workout for the month, take measurements again. Take them the same way that you took the original measurements.

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Just my 2 cents worth, you can expect the gains to come and go but most of the time they will come. I wouldn’t measure so much and try to concentrate on the exercises more and the gains will come.

Alright I am doing what thunderss said and putting the ruler away for a month. I took off two days and measured and recorded them in my sig. I am going to measure again in February(that will also be three months).

Wow, never heard of anyone loosing size. Talk about kinda sorta bad form. Seyz what are your exercises are you jelqing stretching?

Well I kinda pull on it. Then I sorta jelqing but not really. Then I do something like a measurement kinda. Then I post… sorta.

Sounds like your doing everything right I can’t imagine why that isn’t working for you.

I don’t understand either kinda. I mean I somewhat do what I have read about sorta, not really.

Well good luck man and hopefully it turns around for you.

* Just messin with you seyz, kinda*

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Perhaps you are overtraining and you are doing what I was & that was measuring way too much. My dick varies depending on my position at times & depending on how aroused, energised I am also effects my erection level. I too, am hiding the ruler, even though we all know gains don’t come easy we still expect a good change after doing one or two sessions, for example, how many of you check yourself out after you go to the gym?


Only me :( ?

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