I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to gain (length, girth or both) but from my experience, nothing beats manual stretching for length. I gained over an inch from just a few months of manual stretches (pulling out, up, down, left and right for 20-30 seconds each direction for 2-3 sets) and JAI stretches. I tried jelqing consistently for over one year (5-6 days a week) but only gained about 1/2” in length and a little under 1/4” in girth. Keep in mind that everyone is different. I can’t seem to gain girth, but my ligs seem to be more ‘stretchable’. You sound like you might be similar to me, since I don’t seem to respond that well to jelqing. Try giving up jelqing and try manual stretches 6 days a week (I highly recommend doing JAI stretches). Two months of PEing is not that long at all, but the only reason why I recommend you stop jelqing is because you say you might have lost size doing it.