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Losing erection fast in jelq

Losing erection fast in jelq

I just started the newbie routine and I noticed that when I’m jelqing
I lose my erection very fast.. Just after a few strokes to the point of total flaccid, and It’s really hard jelqing when flaccid.

When I watch porn it’s not helping so much so I need to stop jelqing and start stimulating the penis to get erection, but then again after I get erection It’s only a couple of strokes until it’s flaccid again..

Any advice?
Can I continue jelqing? It will be effective when doing it flaccid? Or it will be effective stopping after a few strokes ?


Kegels might help. They help me get harder erections.

You aren’t supposed to have and erection, especially on the newbie routine. Length wise, you need to be totally flaccid, girth only slightly plump. ( around 50%)

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Cut out porn and wait a few days, best thing I did. Much easier to get to an erection or semi and maintain it.

I still watch tons of porn and I maintain erection level when jelqing. What I do is visualize the woman or picture that turns me on the most and imagine having sex with her and it goes back up after each stroke. Once it gets to where I want it I stop thinking about it. This makes my erection level constant while I’m jelqing.

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Me neither can hold an erection when jelqing, but you are not supposed to be erect anyway. Try not masturbating in a couple of days and you will find it easier to hold enough blood to perform good effective jelqs.

I used have the porn in front of me, but I never watched it, rather concentrating on my strokes. :)

I just imagine the porn I don’t think there’s a need to watch it while peing.

7-20-16: BP: 7.63 NBP 6.75 x 5.75

3-22-17: BP: 8.44 NBP 7.56 x 5.75

Practice keeping a fantasy in your head whenever you need it and then stop when you achieve the right level of erection, which as bigtiny454 mentioned shouldn’t be a full erection.

Thanks all .. :)

I used the fantasy method.. It’s better now.. But not enough

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