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Losing erection during jelqing - help needed

Losing erection during jelqing - help needed

My first post here, though have been reading thundersplace for over 1.5 years. It may seem redundant but CONGRATULATIONS on such a wonderful effort !!
Have tried PE in the past year twice for about 1 month and about 1.5 months. Both times I did see some gain, probably about 0.25 inches but like an idiot I didn’t continue to cement it.. Anyways I have started again just 3 days ago and this time I’m going to make sure that I don’t stop.
My routine is very similar to the newbie routine except that I want to give only a 1 day rest in a week just to gain as much as I can (the girl is away for about a month and shoot me for wanting to give her a surprise :)
I’ve been noticing that during my jelq sessions I tend to lose the erection after about 30-35 strokes. I don’t remember if this happened before too but was wondering if that’s normal ?? I usually just stop, make it 60-70% erect again and continue with the jelqs.. I also squeeze my BC muscle on every jelq stroke. Plus I’m also doing about 40-50 strokes of power jelqs each day (holding with a tight OK grip at the base with one hand and squeezing/milking upward with the other - if I correctly understand power jelqs, my power jelq strokes are about 10-15 each before I see loss of erection)
I’m not doing a hot wrap, but I warm up for 2-3 minutes with just holding the dick and pouring hot water.. Is that sufficient?
Also, I’m not doing too many stretches, for some reason I think stretching doesn’t help a lot —— please correct me.
I’m also doing kegels every day about 150 short squeezes and 50 long ones (about 5-8 seconds hold)

Current stats:
BPEL: 5.5 - 5.75, EG: 5.25 (sometimes I measure 5.5, and sometimes 5.75 - weird)
GOAL: To gain at least 0.5 to 0.75 inch in length and about 0.25 girth in 1 month and then continue.

One last thing, both times in the past when I did PE for a bit and then stopped, it seemed that my dick actually got a little bit smaller than what it was.. Is that possible or just my imagination? I kinda remember that my BPEL was almost 5.75 - 6.00 before, but I could be wrong.. Just wondering?

Thanks a lot to all ..
Waiting for your advice/suggestions


Forgot to mention that I do stretches for only 2-3 minutes in completely flaccid state.

If you are going to do power jelqs you should take a day off between sessions.
You also need to warm up longer say ten minutes if you plan tom power jelq.
You also need to stretch longer say 10 minutes before power jelqs.
You also need to warm down ten minutes.
Power jelq is an advanced routine and you should not be doing it until you have done a good three months of the Newbie routine.
So I would wait on the power jelq and resume it in several months with the formula I gave you.

Your working it to hard that is why your losing erection.
A tight painful grip is not a good thing either.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

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