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Losing an erection for PE

Losing an erection for PE

When I go to do Jelq squeezes I rarely have a problem getting enough blood in my dick, but sometimes I will get stuck with an almost 100% hard dick. While it’s nice to be rock hard without any tensing it can be annoying having to wait minutes for it to go down so I can start.

I’m sure you PE’ers have had to wait for your hardness to go - how do you do it!!

I’ve tried thinking about/doing something else(but will oil on my hands and dick/standing naked there are not many other activities to do), squeezing the base, squeezing the tip, but none of these things seem to work and I just end up standing there like a fool with oil everywhere.

This wouldn’t usually be a problem, but when time is of the essence like today, I had to just leave my PE session today.

Cheers for advice

If you really have that excellent of a sex drive,
why don’t you just jerk off first, wait about 10 minutes,
and then start your routine?

These days, I have the opposite problem.
Sit around a lot in between proper jelqs just jerking it and trying to get back to the ole 75% mark.
(been a stressful year for me)

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