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Hey everybody! Newbie here. I’m excited to be getting into PE and start making some progress. Phew. That wasn’t so bad.

Welcome aboard desolation, and good luck! :)

hi, im new here (well i registered a while back but never really followed throught) and now im ready to get started with the newbie routine. I’m current 5.5 erect and 26 years old, hoping to grow some. Any tips on getting started?? Im actually going to start as soon as i post this. Later guys, ill try to keep a log and see how it goes, i just have a question about the newbie routine, its 2 days on and one off right? so mon and tue, then wend off then thus and fri how about weekends, 2 off??? Thanks!!!

Hi, I have been lurking for a while and finally was able to register. I only wish this information was available 30 yrs ago. Started a routine several months ago and have noticed a difference although it is hard to measure because of weight issues. I do know from my younger days I was on the low low side of the Bell curve and have had to live with that. Thank goodness I met and married a lady who has never made an issue of it, but in my mind it has been an issue. So far PE has made a difference physically and mentally.

Sounds good, sparky456. Welcome on Thundersplace.

Hi guys, long time lurker, first time poster. Currently 6” x 5.5”, recently had the “ex penis talk” with my g/f, she was saying that it was “bigger - much thicker” - with emphasis on much - I didn’t go further to find out just how big.. I bought her a toy, 8.5” x 6”, she loved it (all of it - I suspect she could easily take 10” and enjoy it thoroughly). Now given that I’m old enough not to lock up under such situations, I wasn’t shattered or seriously affected, but there is a lingering idea that I should do what I can to upgrade my own tool. I am in good shape, but about 15 lbs overweight (6’4’ 228lbs could use some more gym time but nowadays time is limited. I do want to make time for PE as well as a good workout program, and to be honest this site has given me motivation; seeing all these people here working and achieving goals is very inspiring.

This was the first time in my life that I felt inadequate or that “average” isn’t OK, .. At any rate that is why and how I’m here, I’m looking to get to 7 x 6, if that was possible I would truly be pleased. I was looking at some of the other members that have accomplished amazing gains and it’s really good to know that there is hope for “expansion” :)

Thanks for the site, and regards to all.
B727 Cap.

I first found Thunders a couple years ago and although very intrigued by it, There was no way in hell I was going to tug at my rod for extended periods of time to try and stretch it out and fatten it. I came back across about 2 months ago, and decided to read a little more about it. I got to the point to where I felt like I had read enough about it that I wanted to give it a try. I have been PEing for about a month now on a modified version of the newbie routine and have gained an eighth inch BPEL(measured very consistently and often, not just an eager newbie measure) and although have not measured girth since I started yet, My erections are much harder and way more vascular, feel fatter and meatier, I can get what feels to be closer to a 100% erection more often and easier, I wake up with morning wood much more often, My junk just seems to hang heavier.yada yada yada you guys have heard it all before But I just wanted to break my Thunder’s cherry and give another positive testimonial to PE for the people who write it off before trying it that may read this. I have only been doing this for a month and want to say that although the size gains are awesome and initially what brought me to PE, The all around performance of my dong is what I am really enjoying so far. Anyways.. I was one of those people laughing and shaking my head at all of these silly dick pullers on this site a few years ago. Now I’m beginning to realize they aren’t so silly.and they just happen to have baseball bats for dicks.. I want to thank you ALL for your contributions to this site, especially the seniors and mods keeping us all pointed in the right direction, and the people who take the time to share their stories and can inspire others. I am excited to see where my PE career leads me!

I’m curious also, mastrdisastr1987 : keep us updated and good luck on your gains.

I have only lurked here in the past, but I wanted to make a post in the sexual health forum. It says I don’t have permission, so I am hoping if I make a post before it might let me.. If not I might post in this forum and ask it to be moved, I hope that is OK.


I’ve lurked here for about 10 months, joined recently. I just wanted to say hello and hopefully begin to interact.

I have to say my poor little man has suffered over the years. I’ve lost what must be 0.5 to 1” in NBP length and probably 0.5” girth since my early 20’s.

I’m in my late 30’s now and have frequent ED as well.

I just want to get everything working again, restore the pleasure giver to it’s former glory and hey, funk it up a bit too. I’m in my 7th week of the newbie routine. BPFSL has increased by 0.25” so there’s definitely something going on. My PI’s seem to be random at the moment, it’s probably down to a bit of depression.

My dick don’t work so I’m depressed and I’m depressed so my dick doesn’t work - this is the cycle I want to break out of.

It feels so good to finally be doing something about my problem, and the enthusiasm and dedication on this site has been an inspiration.


P.s. I’m really feeling the urge to begin a progress thread, the more I read and search here the more I’m realizing I can actually do something to fix myself.

Actually I’ll take this chance to ask a question - when doing manual stretches I grip as described (1” behind glans) but during the stretch the grip slips down. When I release after 30 seconds my glans is squashed and distorted. It recovers within 10-20 seconds but I don’t want to damage the nerves.

Something to worry about?

>> when doing manual stretches I grip as described (1” behind glans) but during the stretch the grip slips down. When I release after 30 seconds my glans is squashed and distorted. It recovers within 10-20 seconds but I don’t want to damage the nerves.

I’d say not. I grip right under the glans nad never had any problem. I found an overhand knuckle grip
Knuckle stretch
works better, you could give a try to it.

Welcome on Thundersplace and good luck.


That knuckle stretch works much better, feels a bit more powerful too. Hopefully in 10 months I’ll be able to do it with my foot!

Haha, that’s would be funny, but you don’t need too much force when starting - actually it is counter-productive.

I lost my posting virginity a few weeks ago but never posted here, so I might as well now :)

Heyy guys just starting out PE love the forum

First post w00t, :)


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