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Long time lurker here, have only been PEing seriously for around 3 months on the newbie routine and have gained a good 0.5” BPEL, and am visually thicker (haven’t measured)

Injured myself a couple days ago after switching from 1 day on 1 day off to 2 days on 1 day off, experienced some sharp pain at the base of the penis which recurred a few times after stopping and every now and then since the injury so I’m on a bit of a break now. Pretty sure I did some lig damage.

So seems. Don’t pull full force. But congrats on gains and welcome on Thundersplace.

Well I heard the “aim for the moon and get to the stars” thing than your way PushingIt. I got it off a Philadelphia Freeway song (I believe that is his name).

Anyway, thanks for the good wishes.

Working on my 30 in 14 days this will help LMAO thanks

Newbie questions.

So, I have started doing some PE’s just recently. I have been following the newbie routine and it seems to be going pretty well, nothing has fallen off yet!
I was wondering how much success people have had with correcting a penis that goes to one side. Should I do jelqs and stretches in the opposite direction to try and counteract it? What about a bend in the penis?

Also, I wanted to know if people found dry jelqing or lubed jelqing more effective?
I thought I might stick to dry jelqing for the first month or so and then switch to all lubed jelqing in order for my penis to not get used to it.

I was also curious if it is detrimental to the PE process if you have sex or masturbate during or immediately after a session? Seems like it shrinks ups if I do this..

Any feedback would help!


Finally got registered to this site.
Doing PE since 2003 on and off, mostly off.

Just saying hi.

OK, I am getting back into this and giving a fair shake this time. Starting with the Newbie Routine for the 1st 4 weeks and take a close look. Good luck and hello fellow PE guys.

Hi I found this site 2 days ago and I’m currently following the newbie routine. I’m 18 years old and I live in England and currently have a broken leg so I’m at home 24-7. My punctuation is atrocious and I apologise in advance for all the mistakes and I hope I will be forgiven.

I’ve always been insecure about my penis and my ability in the bedroom. I believe that girls say that it’s big or that your good in bed just to make you happy, even if you want to know the truth so you can improve yourself. So I want to get my penis into a decent size range so that I can believe in myself more and improve my confidence. I’m really looking forward to seeing some gains, meeting people who can help me improve my gains and give me advice and encouragement for when it gets tough.

BPEL 7” EG 5 1/4”

Aim but may go bigger not sure yet though.
BPEL 8” EG 6”

Starting size---->BPEL 7" MEG 5.25"

Goal---->BPEL 8" MEG 6"

Hi CJ,

hope your leg heals soon. You already have a more then decent size, so it just can go better. Good luck!

Thanks mariner it’ll heal in 3 months.

My girl friend knows about me starting PE but doesn’t seem all that supportive as she thinks that it’ll get to big for her. Has anyone else had this problem and know how I can make her more into it and more supportive of me doing it.

Starting size---->BPEL 7" MEG 5.25"

Goal---->BPEL 8" MEG 6"

Ask her to register here - we have female members, and this site isn’t only about penis enlargement.

She doesn’t want register because she says she will most probably never use it. She says she will be supportive about PE because it is my choice (she wanted to read what I had said about her). When should I start clamping, pumping and hanging? I know it won’t be for several months however I’m interested to know for when it comes to the point in time.

Starting size---->BPEL 7" MEG 5.25"

Goal---->BPEL 8" MEG 6"

Maybe never, CJ. There are people around here who gained all they wanted without any other tool than their hands. :)

When you’ll be sure that manuals can’t do nothing more, than it’s time to think to clamping etc..

Ok I was very nervous about the idea of hanging weights off my penis, to be honest I’m very glad that I may not have to.

I’m hoping that I should gain my inch in length and girth reasonable fast. I’ve been reading through the forums and have read about the less is more approach, wouldn’t it be a problem when you don’t want to grow any more? But want to keep your gains. Wouldn’t you be at risk of still gaining if you use less is more approach.

The problem is my girl friend doesn’t want my penis to get over 8” so I’m slightly limited however if I do go over I can loose some as long as I leave it for a week or two.

Thanks again for all your help and for the warm welcome.

Starting size---->BPEL 7" MEG 5.25"

Goal---->BPEL 8" MEG 6"


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