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Lose your Thundersplace posting virginity here!

Yes! Lost it!

Howdy gents!

Let me say, that the day I found your forums, was the day I grinned wider than that other virginity losing day lol. Over the years I’ve searched the web for the mythical PE techniques that weren’t pills, machines and whatever else they’ll strap to your penis to make a buck. A few years back I found some half assed docs about jelqing, and boy let me tell you.. My penis revolted!

So again.. Thank you for the site, thank you for your time, thank you for everything you have done! If I knew you gents, id kiss you (but purely in the manly guy way showing each other their manliness and such :P )

Thanks again.

03/30/2006 - 5.8x4.7 Current goal - 6.2x5 Milestone - 6.8x5.5

I don't ask for much.. Just a little edge in the game.

Man I’ve been lurking for a while.

Hi Guys,

I am posting for the first time. Thanks for the encouragement to post. I have been PEing off and on since 1986, primarily pumping as I never placed much value in what I knew about jelqing. I intermittently did swings (a less intense version of SD hanging) that I discovered in the “Book of Bigger Cocks” and used the medic stretch (a form of ADS). Throughout the years, I have abused and bruised my unit only to gain what I feel I would have gained naturally because I engaged in so much sexual activity throughout my pre-adolescence, adolescence, and young adulthood life. I have probably gained an inch at the most. Since 1986, my erections have measured 8 to 8.5 NBP on the ruler, whether I was PEing or off for months. I discovered Thunders last year around November and began reading and doing Hangers. I have always chased the 12” but would have been satisfied with 10”. Although I am consider quite big to begin with (erect girth 6.5 to 7) I still wish to be bigger. I did a measurement in January 06 while still in the learning curve and measured 9 NBP without a truly rigid erection. I think Hangers may get me to at least 10” before my gains stall. That’s my story and thanks for the encouragement to post.

Hey guys,

I’m a 21 year old from VA. I’ve been lurking here for a couple of weeks and decided to finally register a few days ago so I could access the member only pages. I don’t post much because it seems every question has already been asked and answered. By the way, I just wanted to say this is a great site, I just wish I would have found it earlier. I am going for another 1” in both length and girth which will put me at 8.25 NBPEL 6 EG.

Losing posting virginity

Hello all. Well this is my first posting. I know part of my reason for not posting in the past, is the fact that I am new to this site and there is an incredible amount of reading to do. One can lose a whole day by reading all the threads and journeying to other areas. Anyway, tons of information. Thanks.

I’ve never posted until now. Guess I don’t have enough experience to comment. And I find all the info I need by seaching. Pe has been good for me by the way. Been doing it for 4 months. 2 months newbie routine. 2 months hanging. I’ve gained .75 in bpel and .25 eg. Thanks for all the info this is a great site

Hi everyone!
I discovered this website last week and have to say it’s awesome. Id never heard of PE before and always thought that dick size was something that was unchangeable. It’s great to hear thats not the case!


Hi guys,

I’m a brand new member who’s been unregistered for the past week and finally was able to register. This site is awesome and gives me hope to improve my below average schlong. But I’ve got plenty of reading to do before I begin really posting.

Hey~ this is cool lol


I finally decided to register after a few years off from reading the forums and PEing. Browsing all the information throughout the threads have gotten me excited about starting up again =)


I’ve been PEing 6 weeks for now, will check the measurements after next week.

What up yall. It’s been awhile, I can’t believe I still have an account. That is cool. Well I’m back in tha game of PE, I’ve been a busy mug.

Newbie making a contribution

I hope!

I haven’t posted because any questions I might have had were already asked and answered repeatedly, often with contradictory I’ve just spent my time beating the hell out of my dick and reading everything I could here (literally hundreds of hours of reading) trying to figure out what makes the most sense.

To my fellow newbies: EVERYTHING is out there!! Just do searches and be prepared to read through the 30+ page threads from beginning to end. If you really can’t hack that read the first 5 pages of a thread and then the most recent 5. A lot has happened or at least been theorized about in the PE world even in the past year so the 2003 threads, while a great place to start are often supplanted/augmented by the 2005 and later threads. IMHO though, we are beating the shit out of the most sensitive part of our anatomy and there is a VERY REAL possibility of injury. Don’t you think it makes sense to learn EVERYTHING you can about this “hobby” before diving into it?

Let me say that I arrived here because unlike some of the guys here who are just going for more I have a really small cock. Length is average: 6” but girth is 4.25 mid-shaft.probably close to 2 standard deviations away from the median. I revised my initial measurements a few weeks ago in the PE Database.(I advise all to start using it, from what I’ve observed not enough do) and those measurements: 6” BPEL x 4.25 EG probably reflect some “newbie gains.” The very first time I measured I was a little off on the technique so I’m going to use this as my starting gains even though I’ve probably gained a little. I”l be consistent in measurement technique from now on.

So I’m finally posting now because I think I might actually be able to make a (very slight) contribution to the forum rather than just ask the same stupid questions that have been asked and answered ad infinitum.

One theory that has made a lot of sense to me comes from Big Girtha’s signature: “never let it turtle.” I’ve always been a hardcore turtler. Much more of a grower than a shower. My flaccid is TINY.or rather it used to be. Though my biggest mistake has been in not measuring from day one, the months of (admittedly intermittent) manual PE I’ve put in have resulted in very very noticeable increases in flaccid hang, though insignificant erect gains.

There are multiple threads on post PE wraps, whether referred to as an ADS wrap or an ADC or a traction wrap. I have the homedics Thera-P with the magnets removed and use it religiously but have discovered something I absolutely love for post PE workouts.

It’s a sex toy. A Cyberskin Penis Extension:


It’s got a trimmable sleeve which slides over your dick and a 1.5” “head extension” at the end. I slip it on while still plumped after my workout and it keeps me extended for hours. No turtling with this baby on. It’s comfortable as hell and can be worn ALL the time. Due to the suction it keeps me from turtling whereas with the Thera-P I would often withdraw inside the wrap.

I think it has a lot of uses.the foam head has a few ounces of weight which help with an ADS but I think it would be very easy to add peweights to get some real weight there.

Also, for me it has a huge psychological benefit. I’ve taken to wearing this thing ALL the time. In tight jeans it’s an almost obscenely noticeable bulge and I’ve caught lots of chicks checking me out. I know that given enough time, I’ll have that bulge without needing the assistance.but for now. :) Fuck it, by the time they see what I’m really packing it’s too late, right?

While I’ve done no clamping, I’m planning on it at some point and I’ve read a lot about condom clamping and the inner tube theory so I think this thing might have an application in that arena with the appropriately sized tube.

Don’t know if any vets ever check this thread out, but would love to hear some thoughts/feedback.

Good luck. I’m convinced this shit works though it’s clearly not without risks.

We have the technology! We can make it bigger, stronger...

Orig BPEL 6.25x4.375 current BPEL 7.3125x4.5

Goal NBPEL 7.25x 5.25EG

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