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What is the best way to increase my hardness & get the veins really bulging I am 45 & reasonably fit

Hey guys, I am 19 and I have learned a lot from reading this site. I have not started the routine workouts yet but I will start by this week.

Hello everyone,

I actually just stumbled onto this great site a few days ago, good timing for new registration I guess! Just did my first Newbie Routine tonight, thanks for all the information.

I’ve been doing this PE now since 16 Feb 09 measurements were FL 4”, FG 3.75”, EL 5.75” and EG a poor 4.25”

I have been doing about 10 minutes of power stretches and 15-20 mins of jelqing (with about 60% erection - tend to watch porn to keep it ok). Do an overhand grip with thumb and forefinger nearest to the base.Have had a couple of weeks off, but tend to do Mon, Tues, Thurs and Friday only.

Measured every week.

Early gains were fast - ie by 23 March 09 I reached FL 5”, FG 4.75”, EL 6.25” and EG 5”.

But now seem to have reached a plateau with minimal gains 19 May 09 FL 5.5”, FG 5”, EL 6.5” and EG 5”.

I want to get to EL of 7” and EG 5.5” but not sure if this is going to work.

Anyone have any ideas or just keep plugging away with what I’m doing now.

Also I now seem to have permanent swelling just below my head. Skin seems to be swollen and not just after the exercises - it seems to be permanent which is annoying. Any ideas as to how to get rid of this - is it fat or liquid or something? I don’t really want the embarrassment of going to the doctor.

Anyway, am surprised this all works, but it seems to. I wanted to gain girth and have gained 0.75” which I’m happy with - feels much thicker.

Good luck guys.

Welcome aboard guys.

leeta, I think you are doing too much and are experiencing firs signs of overwork. Ease up for a week, than start one of the routines linked in my signature.

Hey everyone, I’m new to this whole idea of actually enlarging my penis. I’m starting off at appx. 6.9” BPEL and 5.25” girth. I hope to reach my goal of 8.5” BPEL and 6.75” girth, how plausible do you think that is? Also, thank you everyone for being so helpful, I’ve read and lurked for quite some time and the amount of information on here is incredible!

Welcome on Thundersplace, 95ZJ.

1.5” in both directions is ambitious, expecially in the girth department. Anyway, the only way to know if it’s possible for you, is giving it a serious try.

Good luck!

Hello Gentlemen.

I stumbled across Thunder’s Place today and have been very impressed by the wealth of information about PE here.
My member is about 7.25” (18.5cm) BPEL and 5”(12.5cm) MEG. I am quite happy with the length, but aiming for 6” girth.

Glad to be here. Thank you!

Welcome and good luck, dankon.

Nervous beginner

I only discovered the site a few days ago. I’ve taken a little while to read up on stuff before performing any PE.

Average length at the moment when erect, but quite small when soft. I recently started going on more dates and want to make sure that I ‘measure up’ to what women expect. I’m hoping losing weight will also help as I’m a little over what I’d like to be at the moment.

Reading around is always a good idea. Welcome and good luck, mateus (do you play football anymore? ;) )

WOW, realized I just put 6.75” for girth. Lol, I don’t want a rectangle penis, I meant to put 5.75” :) .

So I am under the impression that you can do length stretches almost as many times as you desire?


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